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Santos vs Mazatlan (3-0);  eliminate zombies

Santos vs Mazatlan (3-0); eliminate zombies

Mazatlan FC He was eliminated with 17 points, without the odds of regression and existence necaxa The last guest, after crushing the gunboats Santos Lagunawho hit 3-0 in his favour and hit 33 units, dropping Pachuca to fourth and leaving Guerreros third overall with the direct ticket to Liguilla.

The first half without a goal

Harold Preciado almost made it to the finish line, with goalkeeper Nico Vicunes bravely running out to cover his shot, also assisted by Nestor Fedrio’s mark; Mazatlan was saved on that play in the 8th minute.

Laguneros were very close in the 22nd minute, when a midfield came in from the right that Preciado slipped into to lock in the pincers, but he couldn’t deliver the ball.

Mazatlan had to win to go to Repechage, but Santos still had options and in the 35th minute Cecilio Dominguez sent his shot from one side, after a very good mark by Brian Colola.

However, the most serious danger to the gunner was at the 41st minute, when Edgar Barceñas lit the ball from Al Hilal and goalkeeper Carlos Acevedo showed great effort, and was able to move the ball a little until it hit the crossbar.

Later, controversy would come, as Roberto Meraz struggles with Preciado inside the area, a play that appeared to be considered a penalty, but which the referee did not observe.

Then, Sinaloan left another very clear goal, with a series of bouncing balls inside the area and at the end, Alfonso Sanchez detonated them.

The second half improved

Jose Coleman took a shot for Mazatlan and the ball went straight to Carlos Orancia’s hand, so when checking play in the VAR, the referee considered it the maximum penalty kick.

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Unfortunately for the people of the Pacific, Gonzalo Sosa accused and failedSend the ball straight to the crossbar.

Santos also had an opportunity through criminal proceedings, as Efraín Orona swept Javier Correa inside the area in the 71st minute; Fernando Gurriaran He was responsible for charging and in the 73rd minute he shot perfectly into the corner of the goal 1-0.

Another controversial moment arrived in the 74th minute, since Hugo Rodriguez put his hand to clear the ball, but the siren signaled that Mazatlan had made a mistake earlier.

Those in the Pacific will not rise anymore, Xavier Korea He entered the area on the right side and crossed his shot to strike a 2-0 that buried the visitor in TSM.

And just one minute, Korea made the score 3-0took the ball recovered by Modu Aguirre in three-quarters of the field, headed into the area and shot low to increase the advantage with his double.