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Samsung lanza su Galaxy Watch4 Series: ¿qué novedades presenta la nueva generación de relojes inteligentes de la firma surcoreana?

Samsung launches Galaxy Watch4 series: what news does the new generation of smart watches from the South Korean company offer?


12 before 2021 00:03 GMT

One of the greatest innovations is the integration of tools to monitor the health and well-being of users, among them a biosensor capable of taking physiological and body composition measurements in seconds.

This Wednesday, Samsung to come The latest generation of smart watches. It is related to the Galaxy Watch4 series, which is a group of devices created in collaboration with Google which, according to the company, Prepare Create a New Parameter and Redefine the Users Experience When Using a SmartWatch.

One of the novelties that should be highlighted is that technology built in The Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic models, which make up the series, are powered by a new operating system developed in close cooperation with google, allowing it to be synchronized in a more organic way with the applications of the American company, as well as with the “smartphones” of the Galaxy series.

The new generation of watches has internal memory 16 GB And a 5nm processor, plus a CPU 20% faster and with 50% More RAM (1.5 GB), compared to the previous generation of “smart watches” created by Samsung. Similarly, the screen resolution has been increased to 450 x 450 pixels.

What are its new features?

A distinctive feature is that it not only offers the possibility to change the external appearance of the device, thanks to interchangeable straps, available in different colors, but it is also possible interface customization Show notifications for your favorite apps and choose from a large number of pre-installed layouts.

However, the most distinguishing characteristics are those related to monitoring the users’ well-being. In this sense, the Galaxy Watch4 series has new health and fitness functions developed by Samsung. Among them, the innovative sensor is amazing bioactiveBody composition measurement tool that, at the touch of two fingers, measures general fitness by analyzing more than 2,400 data points in approximately 15 seconds.


This sensor is able to take basic measurements of body composition, such as percentage of skeletal muscle, body fat or basal metabolic rate, as well as basic physiological measurements during training or exercise, such as hydration levels and heart rate, among others.

The Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic can be booked in some countries from Wednesday, and it is estimated that they will be available in stores from August 27. Prices for the standard version of the device range from $249.99 for the base model to $299.99 for those with LTE connectivity. For its part, the Classic Edition starts at $349.99.

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