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Samsung Galaxy S23 is already receiving the fourth beta of One UI 6 with Android 14

Samsung Galaxy S23 is already receiving the fourth beta of One UI 6 with Android 14

The fourth beta version of the new version of the Samsung program.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 will soon get a big jump in quality with the final version of One UI 6

The new version of One UI 6 with Android 14 is nearing its final arrival on the Samsung Galaxy S23. the expected Samsung OS update and personalization layer They continue to advance in their development, and here’s why The fourth beta version of this system is now available For the flagship mobile phones of the South Korean company.

More One UI 6 improvements with Android 14

The fourth trial was implemented again Following feedback from users who tested the third beta version One UI 6 under Android 14, and it has arrived to bring it New improvements and fixes that will improve the overall experience of users before its final launch in the coming weeks. The system has become more and more refined, so, on this occasion, These are simple fixes for small problems..

Among the improvements made to the operating system are the following:

  • Fixed bug in Samsung account and Samsung Pass registration.
  • The error that was preventing has been fixed Speech recognition process.
  • Improve performance Google Assistant Which appears when you swipe from the bottom edge of the screen.
  • Other bugs are waiting to be fixed: Playing animations, infinite recovery mode reset, failure to download kids app.
One UI 6 Android 14

Advanced operating system

One UI 6 interface, supported by Android 14will be the latest version of Android for Samsung phones and will gradually arrive on dozens of its devices from then on Samsung guarantees years of support for many of its peripherals. But if you have doubts about whether your Samsung device is among them, here is the list of phones that will have One UI 6 in this beta.

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It’s basic For a good user experience and for the security of your data That phone manufacturers guarantee long-term support for both software updates and security patches. In this aspect, Samsung is one of the companies that adheres to this best, as its current mobile phones always do so At least 2 years of updates and 3 years of security patchesand with up to 4 years of updates and 5 years of security patches on high-end smartphones.