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Salma Hayek’s apparent disappointment at the Oscars has an explanation

Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek present one of the Oscars this year. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Salma Hayek Once again stunned at the awards Oscar. From her arrival with her daughter Valentina Paloma Pinault, to her style and beauty, or to run quickly so as not to miss a pose with the fashionable actress, Peter PascalBefore the ceremony begins, Salma again catches all eyes as usual. However, it also generated conversation due to an apparent reaction that didn’t go unnoticed, especially under the watchful eye of Latino viewers.

And it is that when the Mexican actress appeared accompanied by Antonio Banderas, the Latin illusion suddenly appeared. Because they chose Hispanic actors to make the Best Picture International winner known, it could just mean that they wanted to repeat the story of Penelope Cruz reading Pedro Almodóvar’s name. to be the winner Argentina, 1985 Although all ballots went to No news ahead. but not. The German ribbon was raised with the statuette, and Selma’s voice reciting her name soberly and with utter solemnity became a reflection of the tsunami of disappointment felt throughout Latin America.

And it didn’t take long for social media to give effect to the actress’s reaction, commenting practically unanimously that she had read the winning name to the disappointment of someone who was expecting the Argentine candidate to win.

However, if you think the same, I am sorry to say that I highly doubt that is the case.

This is because the actress from Veracruz suffers from stage fright. She has admitted it herself on several occasions. For example for the magazine Welcome! uses (via daily Mail) confirmed in 2017 that “No one will notice, but I suffer greatly. If you take the camera and put me in front of the audience, I will die.”.

“Once I’m on stage, you don’t realize it. But then I can’t do anything else for the rest of the day because I’m exhausted.He added that while promoting his new movie, Magic Mike’s Last Dance-repeat the story to Jimmy Kimmel When Remembering the Fear Lived at the 2022 SAG Awards.

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Hayek announced Michael Keaton as the winner of the award for Best Actor in a Limited Series Dubisque When all of a sudden she realized the interpreter wasn’t coming and she was on stage and all eyes were on her and she didn’t know what to do. “It was nowhere to be found. And I said something like, ‘Oh my God, please someone come get this because I have stage fright. Keaton went to the bathroom at least at the right moment.

This personal fear may explain Salma’s sobriety and seriousness when reading the envelope with the Academy Award winner for Best International Film. There are more examples. Just back to another awards ceremony Oscar To be sure. It was 20 years ago, when it was her turn to read the winner of the same category at the 75th Academy Awards. That night the Mexican film was nominated father amaro crime, However, the winner was the German Somewhere in Africa. Salma read the title with the same sobriety, composure and tone of voice that we had seen in Intisar No news ahead.

Obviously the easiest thing to do is to conclude that in both cases he was reflecting his disappointment at not being able to award victory to a Latino, but to think that his presentation reflects his own personal grief, and trivializes the leading moment for the winners.And I think he reads between the lines a lot. Especially since Salma is a professional actress who is used to this kind of events. Someone who knows the honey of success and failure, expectation and illusion that lives in every candidate’s heart at that moment. I seriously doubt he let his disappointment slip by sullying the winner’s victory.

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On the contrary, I think both episodes epitomize the sobriety he wanted to convey at all times and with stage fright as the primary context, making sure not to make a mistake when reading the name of the director and the winning title, rather than defining whatever emotion he carries within. Moreover, when he presented the Voice Awards in 2005 with Penélope Cruz, he did so with the same tone and reaction.

This means that instead of the disappointment that they often comment on social networks (which he probably felt, but I very much doubt he conveyed it publicly, tainting the winner’s joy), this is further proof of Salma’s professionalism . From the elegance and sobriety he applies to every appearance on the Oscars stage, he hides his fear of doing his thing.

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