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Sacil gives 8 places to family doctors in El Bierzo

The Provincial Health Department (Sacyl) appoints eight permanent CPAs of the category Graduate specialist in family and community medicine for the region of BirzoAfter invoking the selection process in March 2018 and approval in June 2020 the list of applicants who passed it and the offer of vacancies. This was stated in a decision dated November 16 published this Tuesday in the Official Gazette of Castilla and Leon (Boussell).

In addition, in September this year, the supplementary list of 30 applicants who passed the selection process to reach the status of permanent legal personnel for positions in the category of Postgraduate Specialist in Family and Community Medicine was published, and the corresponding vacancies were offered. In view of the foregoing and once the deadline for submitting the required documents has passed, the eight applicants have been appointed Permanent Legal Officers of the above category, who, after passing the selection process, have demonstrated documented evidence of meeting the requirements requested in the call, such as as well as allocating corresponding destinations.

A total of 22 participants in the selection process did not submit any documents, and therefore, according to the provisions, they may not be appointed as legal personnel of the health service of Castilla y León, since all their actions are cancelled.

Within one month of the day following the publication of this Resolution, Selected applicants must hold positions in management to which the place has been allocated. The rights deriving from their participation in the selection process will be derogated from by those who, after the said period, do not seize their destination, except for force majeure duly approved and thus appreciated by the competent body for their appointment.

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Specifically, the eight applicants get Fate Cacabelos, Bembibre, Villablino and Puente Domingo Florez.