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Russia will give up the space station in 2028 to create its own

Russia will give up the space station in 2028 to create its own

Moscow, Russia /

russian space agency, Roscosmos, thinking that the country will abandon its missions to the International Space Station (ISS) by 2028, At that time, it hopes to create a new Russian orbital station, according to the conclusions of the organization’s scientific and technical council.

“The board recommended the state company Roscosmos, in order to Eliminate the risks posed In technical terms of the Russian part of the International Space Station, the end of it Exploitation planned for 2028, Make the decision to start designing the exterior of New orbital stationsays the text.

The Russian station project is expected completed by 2025, According to the official Russian news agency Sputnik.

As early as October 2020, the head of the Russian department of the International Space Station, Vladimir Solovyov introduced the structure of the new station, which will contain at least five modules: Basic, Productive, Material Supply (Warehouse), and Platform assembling, launching, receiving and maintaining aerospace and commercial equipment, Accommodates four tourists, equipped with two large windows and has access to wi-fi.

The open nature of the station’s architecture and the possibility of replacing the modules will ensure an unlimited operating period, and they will circle the ground at an altitude of 400 km with an inclination of 98 degrees, Which will allow to observe the entire surface of the planet, especially the Arctic region and the Northern Sea Route.