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Russia has permanently banned Joe Biden from entering

Russia has permanently banned Joe Biden from entering

Moscow – Russia The permanent entry of the US President is banned today, Saturday. Joe BidenAnd 962 U.S. citizens in response to Washington DC sanctions Moscow To be called a “special military operation.” Ukraine.

“We urge Washington’s hostile actions to boomerang with the United States and be rightly rejected.”The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement announcing the move.

Moscow has insisted that “Russian counter-sanctions are aimed at forcing the US regime to change its behavior and recognize new geopolitical realities as it seeks to impose rules-based neo-colonial world order in other parts of the world.”

“Russia does not seek conflict and is open to open, respectful dialogue, which distinguishes the American people from the American authorities, who have always enjoyed our respect, who promote rhetoric and those who serve them. Precisely these individuals have been blacklisted in Russia.”Foreign added.

Biden is ranked 31st in alphabetical order in Russian, followed by his son Hunter.

Senior U.S. government officials include Secretary of State Anthony Blingen, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and CIA Director William Burns.

The sanctions came shortly after Washington announced that Biden had drafted a bill in Seoul that would include an additional $ 40,000 million aid package to Ukraine.

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