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Rooney approaches Cristiano Ronaldo: "There was no other choice..."

Rooney approaches Cristiano Ronaldo: “There was no other choice…”

Cristiano Ronaldo Opens this Thursday at Qatar World Cup 2022in the duel facing Portugal against Ghana. The Portuguese star jumped onto the field as captain and There is no team, after he and Manchester United decided to part ways. Cristiano interview with Piers Morgan, His statements towards the club were the impetus behind the decision.

There is still a lot to be said about that interview, which caused a sensation not only in Manchester United, but throughout the world. After a few days, some seemed to begin to understand what Cristiano had done and wish him well. We refer to your former colleagues as Wayne Rooney.

Rooney and Cristiano have had some confrontations in the past, which Cristiano spoke about in an interview with Morgan without understanding that Rooney would have criticized him when the Portuguese considered there respect and friendship between them.

He was a team coach D.C. United I had already tried to fix those phrases a few days ago, to which he was referring to age Christian It was already difficult to stay at the top level. Although Rooney thought it over better and wanted to go further to get closer to Ronaldo: “Am I surprised? No. There was no other choice, but It’s a shame because he was such an amazing person for the club.”

In addition, Ronnie wanted to send him a message of affection, from A legend to a Manchester United legend And that they gave the English club so much success when they were enjoying a better time of the day: “I wish him the best wherever he goes.”

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Cristiano Ronaldo Torn between the options he has, in between leading s Kingdom Saudi Arabia, to make a decision. But, for now, he wants to talk about him again, despite what he does on the field and his goals could help Portugal start off with a win in the tournament. Globalism.