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Robert Quiroz, el no vidente que formará parte de la nueva Defensoría del Pueblo

Robert Kerose, the blind man who will be part of the new Ombudsman’s office

Next Thursday, the Senate of the Republic elected the Ombudsman, and chose Pablo Ulloa, and the rest of the team that will lead that institution for the next six years.

Besides Ulloa, the group consists of Miguel Antonio Boelo as a second substitute. Anna Leticia Martić Mateo, Senior Vice President; Dario Antonio Nin, second deputy; And Roberto Carlos Queiroz Canela as a first alternative.

Keyrouz, a lawyer whose blind condition was not an obstacle to achieving his goals.

“The worst obstacle for a human being is when he himself says I can’t,” the lawyer said in his interview with LISTDIN DIARIO, adding that “when you have dreams and you put them into practice, things come true.”

He was born with retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative disease that led to him losing his sight at the age of 16, although before that age he could only see colors when it was sunny and read capital letters.

He finished high school in 1999 and two years later he moved to Santo Domingo to enter university with the help of a friend who encouraged him to participate in a competition held by the Town Hall and Constanza Development Association, in the best student credit.

For this award, he was awarded a scholarship that covered his university expenses, and pursued a law degree.

From there, he began to interact in associations of people with disabilities, and although they did not initially give him a formal job, he was paid to do informal jobs.

In 2003 he got a job at the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) as a telephone exchange operator, where he stayed for three years. In 2005 he graduated in law with the highest index in his class.

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However, he made it clear that he needs the support of a paralegal to practice a public defender because the computer application he uses only allows him to access computer messages, and in the files there is a handwritten evidence.