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Ricardo Ziga on the dismissal of judges and attorney general: "It is not constitutional"

Ricardo Ziga on the dismissal of judges and attorney general: “It is not constitutional”

Joe Biden’s special envoy for the Northern Triangle met with President Naib Bukel on Tuesday. The ambassador said he would visit the country on May 1 to “determine the next steps” for the United States in light of the events.

Within 15 days of the overthrow of the judiciary by the governing body of the legislature, Joe Biden’s special envoy for the Northern Triangle, Ricardo Zika, traveled to El Salvador to meet with President Saidar, Nairobi Bukel, along with delegates and other sections of the community.

The ambassador confirmed that he had met with President Buckeye on Tuesday And with representatives of the various political parties he addressed at the first plenary session on the conspiracy of the representatives of the new ideas and allies, where they approved the removal of the judges of the Constitutional Room of the Supreme Court. From the Attorney General by request for exemption from processing, i.e. without discussion in the commissions.

JICA confirmed that the decision was made on May 1 to dismiss the Constitutional Chamber and the Attorney General’s Magistrate.It is unconstitutional. ” “In our opinion, it would be better for the country to restore the status quo (which existed until April 30),” Frende said in a Frende interview.

Regarding the meeting with the President of Salvador, he said that it was a good meeting, there are differences such as coincidences and the actions of the legislature on May 1 in others.

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He also said he would visit his country America’s “Determining Next Steps” Before the May 1 events. “I have come to convey a message of concern,” said Biden’s ambassador.

Three days after the events of May 1 at the Salvador Congress, Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States, He said his country should “respond” to the removal of judges in El Salvador and that the independence of the judiciary was “critical” to the health of a democracy.

“The El Salvador Parliament has acted in such a way as to undermine the country’s highest court. Judicial independence is important for the health of a democracy and a strong economy,” Harris said.

Bob Menendez, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Senate, and his associate Patrick Lehi, described El Salvador’s position in the upper house as a “deeply concerned authoritarian ambush” that violates the “separation of powers.” The senators urged their colleagues in the Central American country to “immediately abolish the anti-democratic abuse of power” to avoid weakening “bilateral relations”.

Other themes

On the relationship with China, he points out that El Salvador and the United States share democratic values. As for China, affairs are run by the government, not the population, he says. “That’s a concern,” he adds.

“Support for CICIES will continue,” Zika said. During his first visit, they pledged $ 2 million to the commission, but on May 1 the attorney general was not committed to maintaining the current deal with the event, which is currently being investigated by management.