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Ricardo Cadena gave a novelty in inviting Chivas to visit Santos

Ricardo Cadena gave a novelty in inviting Chivas to visit Santos

MX . League

The Guadalajara coach has announced a list of 21 items he will use in his quest to win in Torreon with some young players.


Chivas live a A very complicated moment in Apertura 2022 due to the lack of a goal who lived at the start of the tournament, being the only team in the entire Mx League that Unable to register once after two daysSo coach Ricardo Cadena prepared a surprise call-up for the match against Santos.

Guadalajara forStill unable to count on Santiago Urmenho’s presence, which is only waiting for the contract to be signed for full integration into the Guadalajara system; however, The leader of the herd will be able to count on Isaac Brizuela So he can debut in the tournament in Turion.

In addition to this addition rabbitAnd the The helmsman decided to keep his vote of confidence in the quarry From chiverío and sent to items like Sebastian Pérez Bouquet, Jose Tiba Gonzalez and Gilberto Garciawhich he used last week in his defeat against Atlético de San Luis.

Guadalajara He’s going to make his first tournament visit to a place that’s getting more and more complicated for him Proof of this is that the last victory of the Rojiblanco on the grounds of the Comarca Lagunera occurred in the 2016 Apertura, when the people of Guadalajara won by a minimum gThanks to Angel Zaldivar’s goal after a shot from a medium distance.

Who is excluded?

after list 21 items that Ricardo Cadena will face against Torreon Two absences stand out, two absences Jesus Sanchez and Paulo Yrezar, Items left out due to a technical decision.

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