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Resumption of postal and postal parcel shipments from the Dominican Republic to Cuba

The Dominican Postal Institute (INPOSDOM) reports that starting this May, commercial relations will be resumed with Correos de Cuba and thus mail and parcel shipments between the two countries will be reactivated. According to this Dominican entity, service has been suspended due to the pandemic and other logistical reasons.

According to various reports in the local press, Eric Guzman, INPOSDOM General Manager,

It was he who confirmed this “good news” by sending parcels between the two neighboring islands. Guzman explained that resuming this project is part of his administration’s plan to “strengthen postal services.”

The agreement seeks to connect our communities through the international postal service. The Dominican official added that this step in normalization in the new period of our postal relations with Cuba is due to a hard effort to be able to reconnect with an airline that can guarantee the best prices for our users.

How do you send packages from Dominican Republic to Cuba?

According to the Correos quisqueyana entity, INPOSDOM, with this reconnection with Cuba, they are fulfilling an ancient demand that seeks not only to better connect the residents of both countries, but also to call on entrepreneurs or investors who want to carry out the business of parcels from the Dominican Republic to Cuba or vice versa. .

INPOSDOM works to ensure that shipments to Cuba from the Dominican Republic are safe, efficient and reliable, coordinated by Cuban partners to establish the necessary protocols, and to comply with the security and customs requirements of both countries. added the official.

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He noted that this service will be in great demand from both countries and that it fills a gap in the Quisqueyan postal company, as well as another variable for commercial exchange. At a time when Cuban families in the United States choose Punta Cana as a meeting point to reunite families with their relatives on the island.

Additionally, the Dominican Republic has a large community of Cuban residents there. According to official data, in 2020 more than 3,000 Cubans were living in that neighboring country.