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El Licey conquista su quinta victoria seguida y escala el segundo puesto

Result – Al-Lissi won its fifth consecutive victory and moved up to second place

Right-hander Irvin Santana threw five out of one round and David Thompson doubled RBI for Tigres del Licey to beat Estrellas Orientales 7-2 last night at Tetelo Vargas.

For the Tigers, this was their fifth straight win and 15th place of the season for 14 losses. It was also Blue’s third victory over the Stars even in the series between the two 3-3. For their part, Orientales set their record at 17-12 and they are still number one in the competition.

The victory matched veteran bowler Irvin Santana (1-1) by throwing five runs in his career, three strokes, with two runs and seven strokes. The sixth was pardoned by Jonathan Arrow, who worked without a problem. Génesis Cabrera worked on the seventh void. Jean Carlos Mejia accepted the lap at 8 and was relieved by Aaron Barrett. Gonzalez Germain installed ninth.

Lost savior Matt Bobrico (0-4) ceded two goals in the sixth half and only managed to take out one. Superstar Andy Otero shone well in five rounds, allowing one round, five-stroke, two-walk and five-stroke.

The Easterners hit the rubber ball first in the second half from Irvin Santana when Jeremy Peña hit a double game with the loaded bases as the third runner scored.

The Tigers tied for the lead in the fourth game against starter Andy Otero. Aristides Aquino received four bad balls in the opening episode. Michael de la Cruz is swinging. Yermín Mercedes also fanned the breeze. Aquino stole the middle and doubled David Thompson’s right field.

They came back in sixth place by dominating the game by drafting two lines. Aquino returned to negotiate the transfer before shipments to Matt Bobrico, who had entered to replace Otero.

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By hitting De La Cruz, Aquino moved to third base on a wild course. De La Cruz hit the RBI song in the center. Mercedes flew to the center. Thompson again fired producer Toby in the third round of Indigo.

But the Bengali attack did not end there, because in the ninth, Jorge Bonifacio hit the RBI double with three more goals to put the match in one side, 6-2. Then Mercedes sent out a successful product.

As for the blues, David Thompson hit my pair and drove in two rounds; Jorge Bonifacio hit a double RBI with three laps; Michael de la Cruz took two hits and went into a lap; Dawel Lugo hit twice alone; Emilio Bonifacio and Chris Owings have had great success. Aristides Aquino scored two goals by negotiating Mishti Sir.

As for the stars, Socrates tied Britto 4-4, including my husbands, Gustavo Nunez and Jeremy Peña, hitting an unstoppable six-star.