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Restaurant students will receive $ 8.28 per virtual or hybrid day for the 2021-2022 school year

Restaurant students will receive $ 8.28 per virtual or hybrid day for the 2021-2022 school year

All students from public schools and private educational institutions affiliated with the School Canteen Program Department of Education It has been announced that $ 8.28 will be received for a virtual or hybrid day in the 2021-2022 academic year Strength.

It would be financially helpful for them to take their classes in mixed or virtual mode and buy food when they do not have access to dining room service.

Scholarships will begin to be reflected in the accounts of participating public school students this week Nutrition Assistance Program (PAN), Secretary Report Family Department, Carmen Ana Gonzalez Magus.

“Each student will receive $ 8.28 per virtual or hybrid day for the 2021-2022 school year. I.e., That amount will be paid for the day the student is not at school, so food is not available from the school cafeterias. All minors are eligible to join the school system or private educational institutions owned by the Department of Education’s School Canteen program. Payments will be made from August 2021“, He pointed out.

In the second phase, which starts on May 5, students from the Department of Education who do not participate in the PAN number will have to visit the portal. www.pr.gov And fill out the information requested to obtain your card with benefits.

Meanwhile, in the third phase, students of private schools participating in the school canteen program will have to consult a list of educational institutions with the same link to submit an application by May 11th. The last date to apply is June 15.

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Eligible students will begin to receive benefits based on the Account Manager’s last digit. Those with Social Security numbers ending in 0-2 will see it this week, while those ending in 3-5 will receive May 10-16; Numbers 6 to 8 between May 16 and 20 and finally, ending on May 21 at 9.

“It is important for families with minors included in this assistance to know that the benefits of the family card will be available for six months; Depending on the convenience and need of the individual, the total utilization of funds may be used throughout the year. New applicants should have basic family data such as name, relationship, age, social security and student number on hand. A new card with benefits will arrive at the address provided when requesting the benefit through www.pr.govSaid the administrator of the Family Socio-Economic Development Administration (Adsef). Alberto Fredera.

For his part, the governor Peter Pierre Lucy He explained that food aid for students is a result of that Infectious EBTApproved by the United States Congress as part of the U.S. Recovery Plan Act, also known as the ARPA.

“With this allocation, thousands of students across the island will be able to purchase unprepared food at more than 3,000 stores certified by the Department of Family Health,” the CEO said.