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Paula Labra

Representative Labra requested to summon the scientific committee of the person responsible for cyber security at the Ministry of Interior

During Friday morning, several government web pages went down, a fact the Deputy National Renewal (RN) described as “unfortunate,” Paula Labrawhere again there is a “vulnerability in computer systems”.

It is unfortunate that we are once again witnessing the weakness of government computer systemsThe parliamentarian said about the mall area.

“The first was Cyber ​​attack on Sarnaklater candidacy Joint Chiefs of Staff couriersAnd now we see it More than 15 ministries are being computerized“Because their servers are not working,” said a member of the House of Representatives’ Future, Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation Committee.

Given this, Representative Labra requested to summon the Director of Cyber ​​Security at the Ministry of Interior“to clarify the measures being taken in security matters and the reasons for this happening.”

Similarly, Under Secretary of the Interior Manuel Monsalve has been tasked with reporting the leak of emails from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. With this, I found that “The government outlines the measures it will take to enhance computer security for public services“.

Finally, Representative Paula Labra said:This number of cyber attacks and hacks are unacceptablethose that affect not only the state, but also hundreds of Chileans, as in the case of the cyberattack on Sarnak.”

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