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Replace my iPhone X with an iPhone 14 Pro, disappointed?

Replace my iPhone X with an iPhone 14 Pro, disappointed?

I recently bought the iPhone 14 Pro, the new Apple device for the rest of 2022 and all of 2023. However, it didn’t come from a previous generation, but rather from several previous generations, specifically the iPhone X, and today I come to give you my opinion on whether it was a revolution or intergenerational continuity .

The reasons why I changed my phone is that it is probably the last year that I receive update support. In addition, the infamous change in the design with some hardware features led to it being time to refurbish the device.

For general use, is there much difference?

The user experience in terms of the interface and the way we communicate is noted from generation to generation, as there is more fluidity when opening and downloading apps from the App Store. In general, there is more fluidity when moving through all the iPhone software. however, Is there a big difference in five years? The answer is that I expected more fluency on all levels.

More than the iPhone 14 Pro’s flaw, it’s the iPhone X’s advantage, because it was an incredible device that aged well. Therefore, the iPhone 14 Pro will definitely suffer from the passage of time to a lesser extent than the iPhone X, making it a phone that can perfectly last for four or five years. I confirm this last statement because one of the reasons we buy a device from the stinging apple is the possibility that the device will perform very well for many years. iPhone X is proof of that.

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iPhone 14 Pro

If you click on the benefits of both devices

We discussed in the previous section that for general use, I didn’t notice many differences, but What if we tap into the strengths of both devices? In this case, the leap that the iPhone has seen is noticed, not only in its cameras and videos, but on all levels. Let’s analyze it below.

The jump in relation to the duration drums It was brutal. It’s true that the iPhone X used several charging cycles, but when I bought it in 2017, it was hard to complete the day with its battery. On the other hand, with the heavy use of the iPhone 14 Pro, you can get its duration of the average day perfectly. to me Camerathe jump was also equally high even without adjusting any parameter of Camera. Therefore, if you are a user who does not want to complicate yourself too much when taking pictures, the sensor with the A16 Bionic processor is more than enough to get surprising results. I have to provide the same explanation with Video cameraWhere the jump was amazing.

For consuming multimedia content or playing Apple Arcade, you notice greater fluidity and less device heating, thus, making continuous improvements with each generation Better thermal efficiency and great power When it comes to processing graphic performance or high-quality movies. Below is a picture of iPhone 14 Pro photo quality.

iPhone 14 Pro pictures

Did you expect more from the iPhone 14 Pro?

Not right. From the very first moment, I noticed several steps forward in this new terminal more than in the previous generation. However, if you have a file general useFor example, with YouTube content and public apps like Instagram or WhatsApps, the jump wouldn’t be much. In fact, you will notice a change in the design more than the user experience. However, if I decided to get certain problems out of the phone Like processor performance, ProRaw photos, or recording videos about specific events or trips, if you wish. In this case the phone will respond without any problem to the performance requests requested by the user and you will enjoy having an expensive and expensive phone, but if you take advantage of its benefits, worth it.

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iPhone 14 Pro