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Repechage has been left out and is considering turning Liga MX into a long-running tournament

The President of the Mexican Football Federation, Yon de Luisa, together with Mikel Arreola, announced on Tuesday some changes that will be made to the structure of the Mexican National Team and the MX League.

head of the MX LeagueAnd Mikel Areolaaccompanied by John de LouisaThe owner of the International Federation of Football (FMF) commented on the cancellation of the replay match for the next tournament, and considers that the tournament is held in the form of a long tournament, despite the retention of two tournaments per year.

He commented, “Recognize the team that scores the most points, without eliminating the two leagues.” Mikel AreolaPresident Lega Mix.

He also declared that number Not Trained in Mexico (NFM)so there will only be seven NFM per team, plus the fact that it’s been pledged to eliminate timeshares by 2026.

In addition to removing Re for him Opening 2023There was talk about the possibility of returning to a long championship, but the championships will remain: “You will still have two league champions and you will reward one of them per year, and there will be a new title and there will be fewer incentives. For short-term punishment, he commented in the conference.

Given the possibility of strengthening the relationship with CONMEBOL to return to Copa Libertadores, Yon de Luisa He confirms that he does not see it in the short term.

“The Libertadores issue, which, as we’ve discussed, is an issue between CONCACAF and the CONMEBOL, where, as we have said for many years, the key to selection must first be opened, and it has been opened for women and men, with this new competition between Concacaf and Conmebol clubs. the possibility that Mexico Go to Libertadores, it has a degree of complexity due to the calendars, it is not something that can be seen in the short term, and we will continue to look for the best competitions for our clubs. Let’s wait for the next years to see the Copa Libertadores,” he commented.

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About the next artwork Mexico national team, Yon de Luisa Hint that the candidate will be from MX League and that he hoped to make himself known before the next day FIFA date.

“With regard to the selection of coaches, if we consider that they are energetic and we want to achieve the best, there are some who are working today, the directives have been spoken to and one of them could be the proposed candidate,” he said.