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Reinaldo Rueda returns as coach of the Honduras national team

Reinaldo Rueda returns as coach of the Honduras national team

The Selection Committee and Vinafuth decided to choose the Colombian Reinaldo Rueda, the former World Cup player with Honduras in South Africa 2010, to lead the qualifying process for the 2026 World Cup because of his experience. He is also a conciliatory man, who knows the country and the football environment.

The coffee grower beat compatriots Juan Carlos Osorio and Jorge Luis Pinto, the latter failing in his bid to qualify for the Russia 2018 national team.

Rinaldo Rueda. Does this name ring a bell? Of course they will answer me, they qualified Honduras for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa after 28 years of frustration.

The Colombian, who became a national hero on that occasion, now returns to Honduras with the same mission: to qualify Bicolor once again for the 2026 World Cup to be held in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

The news was confirmed by a member of the coach’s family environment, that at the time he took us to the World Cup he had acquired Honduran citizenship.

What a challenge for a coffee strategist, almost as on that occasion, only now the Katracha World Cup drought is less painful and less protracted, after eight years of not qualifying for the last World Cups in Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022.

The Honduran National Team Committee consisting of Rafael Villeda, Mario Faraj and Javier Atala decided, after several long discussions, that Rueda’s experience and abilities, as well as his conciliatory spirit. He was also involved in the selection of coach Jorge Salomon, president of Fenafuth.

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After several frustrations and the refusal of some players to join the national team, in addition to the discontent of the fans and the press due to the poor results, the managers believe that Ruida will spread harmony and calm the troubled waters in the two-color.

After leading Honduras, Rueda led Ecuador to the World Cup Finals, Chile also qualified. He failed in his attempt to lead his country, Colombia, to the World Cup in Qatar. He also managed clubs such as Atlético Nacional from Colombia and the mighty Flamengo from Brazil.

The South American player now comes to occupy the position left by the Honduran Argentine, Diego Vazquez, who broke away after being eliminated in the group stage in the Gold Cup being held in the United States.

The South American will arrive in the country in the next few days, to be presented by the selection committee led by Farag, Atala and Felida.

He will be accompanied in his coaching staff by an old acquaintance, Carlos Velasco, the physical trainer who was also on his way to South Africa 2010.

After his presentation, Rueda will likely start mini-bikes with players from the local league in preparation for the CONCACAF Nations League, qualifying for the next Copa América in 2024. The prodigal son, King Midas, returns hoping to turn it all into gold.

Welcome home, teacher.