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Recomendaciones para preparar la PAES electiva de ciencias

Recommendations for the preparation of elective sciences PAES

Puntajenacional, the largest free online pre-university in Latin America, offers a complete guide to study properly for the science elective exam in the face of the changes that the new exam has undergone.
Science skills are the new focus of science questions in the upcoming PAES exam. This seeks to assess the knowledge that students have about how science is built and accomplished. Besides, they investigate whether the student is able to suggest a question that will lead to an investigation, create an action around the question in question, analyze the results and think about the investigation itself, both about how and why it was conducted. effects and consequences).
As a central focus, the aforementioned examination highlights the importance that science is not done individually, but is done for the sake of society and, therefore, is communicated.
Scientific practices are transversal of science, but when dealt with in a biological, chemical or physical context, they have some special properties. For example, the student should know that a procedure in biology can often be an observational process, while in physics or chemistry it is more of an experiment.
“According to the latest syllabus update, between 50% and 60% of the common unit and 10% and 20% of the elective unit will be science skills questions. We realized in our live classes that many students consider that these questions can only be solved from During reading comprehension, but this is not the case. To answer these questions, it is necessary to understand what is being read, but it is also necessary to understand how science is conducted in real contexts or situations closer to the students,” says Diana Torres, science specialist at Puntaje Nacional.
“At Puntaje Nacional, we are committed to the students of the country to be able to properly prepare them for this new exam, and to meet the new challenges of studies with both capsules and essays, mini-articles, guided classes via live broadcast and study plans for each student,” concluded Natalia Daza of the National Score.
In light of this reality, Puntajenacional also has exclusive free science test study capsules, in which changes are explained, the new syllabus, as well as the skills that the student must develop for the test, as well as the exercises that will make the student live an experience close to the experience The real ones that they will find implemented within the free study plans once they enter www.puntajenacional.cl