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Rebecca Rodriguez, from San Pedro Sula, is the new Miss Honduras 2022

Rebecca Rodriguez, from San Pedro Sula, is the new Miss Honduras 2022

in the frame June Fair On Thursday, the most important beauty pageant in the country was held in San Peru Sula: Miss Honduras Universe 2022, which was held in the Plaza de las Banderas, Rebecca Rodriguezfrom San Pedro Sula, is the new Miss Honduras Universe 2011.

Four years later, the iconic event returned to San Pedro Sula, gaining support Mayor Roberto Contreras.

The candidates were evaluated by a qualified jury who evaluated punctuality, elegance, personality, endurance, communication and security.

The applicants for this event are Gabriela Navas, from Valle. Carla Perdomo of Santa Barbara; Abisaj Aguilar, from Euro; Christelle Marquez, of Siguatepeque; Valeria Consuegra, from Comayagua; Anna Barahona, from Antipoca; Michel Pineda, from La Ceiba and Danubia Ordonez, from Cuba.

as well as Daniela Mendoza, of Euscaran; Andrea Bardalis, from Olancho; Samantha Caceres, by Francisco Morazan; Eunice Arginal, from Santa Lucia; Suad Zambrano, from Valle de Angelis; Janie Ames Watkins, in Tegucigalpa and Rebecca Rodriguez, in San Pedro Sula.

Mayor Roberto Contreras stated that all events taking place during June Fair It caused more than 500 million lumpias to leak into the city.

Qualified JuryWendy Salgado, Luis Ortega, Maria Doron, Frances Van Toyl, Isis Cordova, Maritza de Lara, Erochka Elver, Junior Zelaya, Alexa Solorzano, Darol Alfaro and Lódez Gonzalez.

Of the 17 initial contestants, 2 did not participate in the contest: Miss Roatan and Tila. the first because his temper betrayed him; While the second for personal reasons could not travel (she lives in New York).

The red carpet parade of 15 Miss Honduras Universe 2022 nominees was alongside former beauty queens in previous pageants. Finally, Rose Melendez, the outgoing queen, jumped onto the main stage.

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After a swimsuit show, in which the beautiful contestants wore two-piece suits in addition to a picnic on the beach, the famous Sampdrano artist, Daniel Ochoa, delighted the audience with his wonderful mediation of various musicals, among them: “My Way” and “New York” by Frank Sinatra.

Minutes after the start of Daniel Ochoa’s show, the runway resumed with a prom dress part. The red color for the contestants’ dress was chosen in honor of Grupo Carimaxx’s 15th birthday.

The eight finalists include San Pedro Sula, Sta Barbara, La Ceiba, Valle, Cigatepec, Euro, Antibuca and Tegucigalpa.