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Real Spain is at the top and Platense is still alive

Real Spain is at the top and Platense is still alive


The intense day played this Wednesday in Honduran football and there is news in Position table subordinate League Championship Final As well as in the backlog that determines the next bearish.

Royal Spain won 3-1 in win over at Morazán Stadium in San Pedro Sula and thus remains top of the tournament with 33 points. In addition, he has a record 11 wins in a row, something that has never been recorded in the National League.

Olympia He is the second thanks to his victory over the visit against real community by 1-0. The Whites reached 32 points and are still battling for the top spot.

The win over He stayed with 28 units in third place for his loss to La Maquina.

In fourth place was consolidated motagua From “La Tota” Medina, who beat Honduran Progreso 3-2 and there are already three consecutive victories for the blues. They reached 24 points.

In fifth place comes Platency Thanks to his big 1-0 win against marathon in Puerto Cortes.

the descent

El Tiburón added three on this 16th date of Final tournament Allowing you to survive in drop table.

Platency He scored 28 points in the accumulated table and was five points behind real communitythat occurred before Olympia.

There are only two days left to play and everything will be decided there.

Matches of the day 17:


Marathon against Real Sociedad 3:00 pm

Progress Honduras vs Real Spain 7:15 pm

Life vs Victory 7:30 pm

On Sunday:

Platense vs Motagua 3:00 pm.

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Olympia vs UPNFM 4:00 PM

This is how the pedigree table goes.  Platense is five points behind Real Sociedad and has two games to play.