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Real Spain defeats Costa Rica Cartagena and is close to the quarter-finals of the CONCACAF League.

Real Spain defeats Costa Rica Cartagena and is close to the quarter-finals of the CONCACAF League.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The Royal Spain Qualified to the quarter-finals of the CONCACAF League after a stunning victory on Thursday 2-0 against Cartagena, Costa Rica.

The machine took its layer at Francisco Morazán’s stadium and descended from the current soccer champ at Teco.

The return duel between Cartagena and Real Spain will be played next Thursday, August 25, starting at 4:00 pm.

The machine arrives with a huge advantage which is two goals and it should be noted that the long-range goal in the CONCACAF League deserves double.

Ramiro Roca and Alejandro Reyes are still the top goalscorers in the CONCACAF League and Cartagines was the new victim, previously in the previous stage Real Esteli suffered from the annotations for both.

The striker and midfielder led the way to a 2-0 win in the first leg of the CONCACAF Round of 16.


Real Spain arrived very awake for the match and the opposite case for Cartagenas, the Orenigros used it in particular. Quick intensity down the wings, sending centrals Junior Lacayo and Franklin Flores.

In the 13th minute the board moved, a massive pass from the midfield by Jhow Benavídez, and Júnior Lacayo won Carlos Barahona’s back and a cross pass where it looked like real. Goalkeeper Ramiro Roca before the defenders mark to score 1-0.

Four minutes later and the second for the machine, Williams Quiros saved the frame twice before shots by Joe Benavides and Ramiro Roca. The auringros did not give visitors a respite.

Getsel Montes lifted the attendees from their seats by firing a shot from distance as goalkeeper Kevin Briceño had to dominate twice and Júnior Lacayo nearly celebrated, but they took the score off the line.

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Prior to the great dominance of the locals in the first half, a huge Kevin Alvarez exit error almost became an annotation by Cartagini after Jekyll Venegas’ shot into the post.


The face of the current Costa Rican monarch changed noticeably in the first minutes of the supplemental part, even Devron García reacted recklessly with Jose Gabriel Vargas’ sweep in the small area, but Panamanian referee Oliver Vergara did not indicate anything.

Real Spain claimed in the next action a hand inside the area for Carlos Barahona in a pass against Darikson Vuelto, and the penalty was not sanctioned either. At the age of 57, Roca parried in front of the opposing goal with a slightly higher header after a corner kick for Vuelto.

Calm explanation and grave testimony of the match was given in the 72nd minute in a beautiful play, Jhow Benavídez rubbed the lamp, enabling Roca, from his chest, was controlling the ball and gave the ball to Carlos Mejia, seeing Franklin Flores in a good position Who without thinking, fell behind Alejandro Reyes to hit Kevin Briceno and celebrate with a 2-0 score.

Cartagenas went at the end of the match in the legendary San Pedro building where the experienced Real was found, respecting the bottom area and not allowing any dangerous actions in the last minutes.

The final whistle and the machine decided a huge victory that brought it very close to the quarter-finals. In the return match, with a draw or even a 1-0 loss, you will advance.

The goal of the visit is worth two goals at this stage of the CONCACAF League. The winner of this meeting will prepare to face the winner of the showdown between Herediano de Hernan Medford and the Canadian Pacific.

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Starting formations:

Royal Spain: Luis Lopez, Franklin Flores, Devron Garcia, Getsil Montes, Kevin Alvarez; Myron Flores, Gerson Chavez, Joe Benavides, Darrickson Velto; Junior Lacayo and Ramiro Roca.

Carthaginian: Kevin Briceno William Quiros, Kevin Espinosa, Jose Gabriel, Jekyll Venegas, Aline Guevara, Mauricio Monteiro, Marcel Hernandez, Jose Quiros, Daniel Chacon and Carlos Barahona.