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Real Oviedo coach asks for calm with Marcelo Flores

Real Oviedo coach asks for calm with Marcelo Flores

John Perez Polo praised the Mexican’s speed and rudeness, but made it clear that he would not be a regular fixture all the time and there would be days when he wouldn’t play.

For the first time as a start Marcelo Flores In the Real OviedoIn the Spanish second division league, he left very good feelings inside the Carbayun club, which Fitness Trainer John Pérez Polo praised the young Mexican’s ability to split the opponent: “He’s a different boy, he has speed and insolenceThis is very important in football.”

“He gives us courage, and by dividing the opponent, he makes him fall back. Plus, he has quality and a shot. Anyway, You have to be calm with him and try to helpBecause he’s a very young boy. I am very happy with his situation and with the match he played against Leganes,” Oviesta commented about the midfielder on loan from Arsenal.

flowers He had already had his first minutes in the defeat against Andorra, but he came off the bench and with much less participation in the match than he did against the Cucumber team, who distinguished against him in attack from the start.

The Mexican was the most consistent in the competition area and carried the attacking weight of Oviedo Throughout the match, though he was better at playing indoors – accompanied by Borja Baston – than playing from the left, where he ended up after changes in the second half.

From the approaches to that first part, flowers He starred in all but one and was the most active player between the lines, having multiple steals in three quarters which allowed him to generate danger from such good pressure on the opposite field.

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After Oviedista’s performance, and showing that special care he wanted with the young talent of the tricolor, the Carbayón coach made it clear that his commitment flowers – And for the rest of the players – it won’t depend on whether he starts or not.

There will be days when he’s a starter, days he doesn’t play, and other days he might not. For me, there are no starting and reserve players, for me they are all team players Oviedo I will press them all. A lot of times those who come off the bench are more important than the beginners,” relative to Biscayan.

Anyway, the version flowers The thing Bolo wants to work on is what was actually seen at Tartiere this Sunday, a flash that also coincided with his first championship victory. Real Oviedo Pachuca group.

“We will ask him the same thing he gave us, because the team has to create more, get more in the wing, we have more people in the second line, and we will work on that,” he concluded, a match in which the imbalance caused by Marcelo Forget about losing Borja Sanchez.