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Ramon Luis Cruz Burgos resigns as General Secretary of the People's Democratic Party

Ramon Luis Cruz Burgos resigns as General Secretary of the People’s Democratic Party

Just four months before the holding of open elections to choose a new leadership, the Secretary-General of the People’s Democratic Party (PPD), the representative Ramon Luis Cruz Burgoswho resigned from this position, and confirmed this Wednesday, the head of the community, Jose Luis Dalmau.

β€œIn the middle of this morning I received a letter of resignation from the party secretary. Ramon Lewis and I have been talking for a while.”He said in a phone interview with new day.

He noted that Cruz Burgos has family ties, because he is the godfather of the actor. He explained that the resignation was by mutual consent.

“We have discussed that with upcoming changes, such as elections, positions should be in the hands of people who do not aspire to political positions. He (Cruz Burgos) is ready to be re-elected and in this sense, given the need of his region due to lack of resources and that many places he represents are still Lacking electricity, he tenders his resignation to me,” Dalmau explained.

When asked why changes are being made in the direction of the PPD when the community turns in February to select its leadership, including board members, Dalmau insisted it was a negotiated resignation.

“We discussed it a long time ago about changes in the party structures that I will announce starting tomorrow or in the next few days,” he said.

He declined that he intended to appoint the Electoral Commissioner or Alternative Electoral Commissioner, Ramon Torres and Jorge Kollberg-Toro, respectively, to the PDP secretariat.

This is not true, but the announcements of the various changes in party structures I will probably announce tomorrow or in the next few days. There must be people in those (leadership) positions who are not ambitious because if they are ambitious, they have their own interests.‘, he confirmed.

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