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Rainer Torres was happy with the level of Piero Quispi: “If they had doubts, he took care to clarify them” | League vs Barcelona | RMMD | Football – Peruvian

crossing On the It ended, after losing at home to Barcelona (0-1). Although the defeat was painful for the fans, there were also good feelings due to the performance of some footballers, as in the case of . And after the match, Rainer Torres, the former player of “Karim”, did not hesitate to praise him.

Through his Facebook account, the previous post wrote:The positive thing is that if someone had any doubts, Quispe was responsible for removing them. What a good player he is. Give him a “6”!The post created a lot of interactions between the fans of the team, because they share the same situation.

Despite the fact that he is only 20 years old, the midfielder has been pleasantly surprised since his appearance on the main campus of Universitario. Let’s remember that during 2021, the promising footballer participated in 10 matches, nine of them in League 1 and the rest with the Copa Libertadores.

Reiner Torres praised Piero Quispi for his performance in Universitario vs. Barcelona.

In the same way, Alvaro Gutierrez, ATI coach, praised Piero Quispi: “He is a local player, young, who has the personality to play this type of match. He asks for the ball, he does not hide, he does everything in defense, other than his physical fitness“.

In addition, the coach revealed that the player is not satisfied with the result of the institution and cannot hold back his tears. “Today he was crying in the locker room and I told him he should be glad he made such a big leap compared to what he had a month ago.DT has been added.

How many games does Piero Quispe have in 2022?

So far in the 2022 season, Piero Quispe has made four appearances in Liga 1 and has always been a regular starter, although he was only able to complete the 90 minutes once. On the other hand, he was also a key player in the two matches against Barcelona in the Copa Libertadores, but in the first leg he was only 71 minutes.

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