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Rafa Marquez: The personal case is more difficult than the fact that “it was not criminal”

Rafa Marquez revealed in an interview with ESPN that he experienced moments of uncertainty due to the legal problem he faced with the US authorities

Mexico – August 2017, Rafael Marquez Government indicated United StateFor his alleged links to organized crime, which led to his inclusion on the blacklist of that country, the most difficult episode in the life of the former national team captain. Mexican national teamhigher than the famous #It wasn’t a penalty That was left out Mexico From the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

“There is no comparison. The personal matter was more difficult than the non-criminal case, and it seemed at that moment that it was unfair, but just like the case.” United State He commented: “It was unfair, more realistic, with so much uncertainty, we didn’t know what was happening to me.” Rafael Marquezthe current coach of Barcelona Bin an interview with espn.

The former Mexican defender was able to prove his innocence before the authorities United Statethen sign with BarcelonaAs a coach in its small departments. Now, the five-time World Cup winner is also aiming to be in the Catalan first team.

“We’ll never know, because I didn’t have to be there, and I’m preparing, and I need a lot of experience. If my name comes up it’s because I worked in it.” BarcelonaHe commented, “My idea is to continue preparing and gaining experience and I will know if I am ready for that.” Rafael MarquezThe former player who will release his documentary in the coming days.

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MarquisIn 2014, he was also accused of fouling Arjen Robben, who left Mexico One step away from reaching the World Cup quarter-finals for the first time. Now, 10 years after that moment, the team’s coach Barcelona B He explained that he never wanted to run for the Catalan team’s first team and always respected him XaviFormer Culés coach and former teammate.

“No, in the end I didn’t say I was ready. My words are incomprehensible. I always said who wouldn’t like it, I didn’t apply, I didn’t say yes or I wanted to oust the seat.” Xavi“There is good communication with him, and respect that cannot be lacking.”