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Radhamis Jimenez has not yet joined Operation Medusa

Radhamis Jimenez has not yet joined Operation Medusa

Lawyer and former Prosecutor of the Republic, Radhames Jimenez Peña considered the accusation in the case Medusa operation Against the former attorney general also Jean Alan Rodriguez as “unbelievable” so “I still don’t get it”; However, he highlighted the professional competence of the current Public Prosecution, but stressed that these accusations must be proven “in front of a court in an oral, public and contradictory trial.”

The official accusation of corruption was persecuted framework in Medusa operation It has 41 people and 22 companies, most of whom are entrepreneurs. According to the indictment, those involved are part of a corruption criminal network operating out of the attorney general’s office and embezzling the state for more than 6000 million pesos.

member justice It presumes a violation of Articles 123, 124, 166, 167, 265, 266 and 405 of the Penal Code which describe and punish the alliance of officials, evasion, the formation of criminals and fraud against the state.

“If what the prosecution is suggesting is how to propose it, that is something no one has heard of. I have never seen, not even in the worst moments of the democratic establishment” Radhames JimenezHe considered the accusation “unthinkable” as long as it was proven at trial.

“I’ve always been very respectful and more than the fact that I got through there,” said Jimenez, who was the attorney general of the republic in former President Lionel Fernandez’s administration for six years.

When interviewed on Saturday’s “Encuentro Extra” show on Color Vision, journalist Cristhian Jiménez, political leader of the Popular Power, explained that sometimes things are seen, so he held back when making additional background judgment.

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When assessing the negative impact of the so-called Medusa case on the image of politicians, he explained that it certainly affects, but he considered that it would be necessary to analyze whether the events took place in a public, oral and contradictory trial. As stated by the Public Prosecution.

“I think there is a level of professionalism in the public prosecution that we believe in through that institution. One of the main goals we set for ourselves was the professionalism and independence of that public prosecution that is now spoken of as independence,” he ponders.

Jiménez acknowledged that the independence of the Public Prosecution Office from the executive branch is an achievement that began and developed during his administration as well as during the administration of Dr. Francisco Dominguez Brito.

He argued that today the Prosecutor General of the Republic could not interfere in the proceedings that, for example, the Prosecutor General’s Office is conducting to prosecute corruption.

Jiménez Peña noted that when he was in the attorney general’s office, the institution was built to create an independent public ministry, in the administration of President Lionel Fernandez.

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