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Qatar 2022. Ecuador and the controversy over the Byron Castillo affair

with 23 years old, Byron Castillo He seems to be leading a turbulent football life. your topic It has nothing to do with indiscipline or scandalswhat happens with the event is that period Ecuador blindly believes in its nationalityDrAnd the Chile doubts it. What is at stake? a world Cup of football.

In an interview with half timeEcuadorean journalists Silvia Meneses Echeverria s David Ricardo Paredes They talked about the player’s life categorized as a A jewel in Ecuadorean footballAnd who are they? sexual issues, In addition to the confidence of an entire country in the positive decision by FIFA, in the face of controversy around it The possible improper compatibility promoted by Chile. the reason: Castillo was born in Colombia.

Castillo did the lower parts at the Emelec de Guayaquil; his center was always as a winger and a wing. He is a very fast and talented player. In 2017 for the South American Sub-20 Division, he was called up; His career has been marked by this sexual problem It can’t take off as we’d like, but for now He is in his best footballing moment.”said Paredes, collaborator court.

That year, Castillo’s nightmare began. Ecuadorean Football Federation Take precautions and Avoid any invitation to the young player to avoid problems, until its position is determined. Therefore, he was not called up to participate in the 2017 South American U-20 Championship hosted by Ecuador.

“For some time There were certain complaints and suspicions that he was not born in Ecuadoradorbut in Colombia This led to an investigation into Determine the nationality of the player. After several cases and decisions, the Civil Registry, the highest body in Ecuador with issues of documentation and nationality, decided that Castillo is actually EcuadoreanBorn in General Villamil, Guayas Province. The judge issued a ruling to accommodate the appeal, where Nationality confirmed. The civil registry has registered and has its documents as an Ecuadorean player,” explained Meneses of Grupo Caravana.

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however, For the Chile national team, Byron Castillo of Tomaco in Colombiaas his parents were to marry, was later born and baptized in the same place, and as evidence was specifically given baptism certificate.

Both Paredes and Menes agree that FIFA has supported the invitation in consultations with CONMEBOL and FIFA, so that the player is part of the Gustavo Alfaro Project in the qualifiers for Qatar 2022; So he got First call in August 2021 He made his debut on September 2 against Paraguay, and the result was in favor of his team thanks to 2-0.

This is a topic that has already been addressed at the local level and has a ruling in our country; FIFA cannot specify nationalities, it is not in its competence. The union has all the papers and documents in order, which is why they called him‘ said Silvia Meneses.

Castillo has the documents and birth certificate (certificate) granted by the state, where it is certified as Ecuadorean; The laws of Ecuador protect him, and the state recognizes him as an Ecuadorean,” Paredes added.

FIFA will prefer Ecuador

Since the controversy arose, journalist Silvia Meneses confirmed it Regarding Castillo, everything is in order and that is why calm reigns in the Ecuadorian Football Association. There is no danger of losing the qualification for the World Cup, as it ranked fourth in the CONMEBOL qualifiers with 26 points, two points behind Uruguay and seven points behind Chile, a choice that opened the controversy.

There is a lot of calm here about it Because we know that neither the federation nor it has acted badly or against FIFA regulations.” In any case, The conflict is about to be resolved. Tentative date is Friday 10th July. Currently, the teams that have qualified for Qatar by CONMEBOL are Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Ecuador. Beru goes to the Repechage and Prosecutor Shelly is the sixth.

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