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El gato con botas de 'Shrek' existe: ¡conozcan a don Pisco!

Puss in Boots from “Shrek” is here: Meet Don Pisco!


December 10, 2021 02:50 GMT

The furry New Yorker resembles the cats played by Antonio Banderas in a DreamWorks Pictures play.

The Puss in Boots who has captivated everyone with the endless tenderness of his insightful gaze since his debut in “Shrek 2”, has a double eye in real life. He has the same big eyes that make him fall in love, with wide pupils and green iris, and he has a hint of Hispanic: the name.

His name is Pisco and he is a lovely cat with orange undertones and he resides in New York. His resemblance to the mythical character expressed by Antonio Banderas is due in large part to the peculiarities of his race: he is a short-haired golden Briton or, in other words, a “little fireball”, as he identifies himself with his character. Instagram account where he has 626000 followers.

Pisco is an active social media user and seems to love taking pictures. In addition to Instagram, it has also conquered tens of thousands of users tik tok. before the cats wereYoutube‘But he chose to give up sharing fame with his most hairy video partner named Mojito no miao.

In fact, Pisco is part of an entire ‘mini-bar’, as she lives alongside the cat Mojito and the dog. bourbon.

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