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Pueblo opened a new store in Guaynabo today that is open 24 hours

Pueblo opened a new store in Guaynabo today that is open 24 hours

After investing $10 million, today’s Pueblo chain opened its 22nd store, located on Las Cumbres Boulevard in Guaynabo.

This will be the third city that will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The other two are in The castle in Santurce And in Isla Verde.

Pueblo Las Cumbres has 37,000 square feet of space, 180 parking spaces, and will provide 140 direct jobs. Access to the supermarket from Las Cumbres Street or San Ignacio Street.

“For us as a Puerto Rican company, we are pleased to open our 22nd store, which contributes to strengthening the country’s economy,” said businessman Ramon Calderon, president of the company.

The company has 35,000 products – Including their own private brand Food Club, as well as vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free – through different sections and categories. Among them is Puerto Rican Don Belo coffee, which has recently been incorporated into the exclusive distribution of Pueblo..

“Pueblo has always distinguished itself through the variety of products and innovations it offers, and Las Cumbres store is no exception,” said Luis Maldonado Peña, Pueblo’s Vice President of Finance and Purchasing.

Maldonado Peña pointed out that In the fresh meat department they have the exclusive Chief’s Reserve brand with cuts like Tomahawk, NY Steak, Porterhouse, T-Bone, steak and pork chops. The shop will also offer a wide selection of fresh fish, seafood and poultry from the country; As well as fresh fruits and vegetables, including the organic section, in line with consumer trends.

It also has La Vinatería, which has more than 1,500 labels that include wines, spirits, and local, imported, and craft beers.. Next to La Vinatería, the customer will be able to find the section of international cheeses, sausages and charcuterie.

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Part of the attractions at Pueblo Las Cumbres is the convenient concept of The Village Food Center, incorporating a diverse culinary show in one place. The village has varied menus, Puerto Rican coffee stations, acai, natural drinks, pizza, handmade pasta, burritos, hamburgers, Creole food and sandwiches.

What is more, The village offers an activity tray set-up service, as well as a new ‘Good Food’ section with fresh and ready-to-eat alternatives. Such as salads, sandwiches, wraps, sauces, desserts and drinks.

“Today’s customer is looking for quick solutions to meet their daily needs. The Good to Go range brings you convenience for different occasions, whether it is lunch, dinner, snacks or appetizers for home gatherings.”said William Cristobal, vice president of Operations and Distribution Center at Pueblo.

The new store also has a florist Ready made arrangements or easy to order with baskets and balloons. It can be combined with fresh fruits, chocolates, liqueurs, gourmet products or other alternatives for any occasion.

Pueblo Inc. is a Puerto Rican company that was acquired in 2007 by Calderon, who also owns Holsum Puerto Rico which recently acquired the Señorial Plaza shopping mall in Rio Piedras.

The supermarket chain provides 1,950 direct jobs and has 22 stores on the island.