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Protests and fire at the office of the Electricity Union: unrest escalates in Cuba due to power outages

Protests and fire at the office of the Electricity Union: unrest escalates in Cuba due to power outages

blackout protests They were reported during Thursday night and into the early hours of Friday in at least three Cuban towns in Matanzas and Villa Clara.According to the reports of users on social networks who shared videos of the demonstrations.

“I get these videos from different places. Jagüey Grande, Matanzas, is on the street now!Activist post Yamilka Lavita On your Facebook profile.

make it clear Amid a blackout, NPC neighbors threw ‘Central Australia’ into the street Immediately. The video of this protest was posted on Guateque Live مجموعة Collection.

In Villa Clara, there was protests In Kaiparin: “If the government doesn’t let the people sleep, they shouldn’t sleep either!” It is one of the messages that emerge from the transfer Video uploaded by user Vilma Albuerne Noa.

In very dark audiovisual materials, you can hardly see the lights of cell phones. But the claims and phrase already common in these increasingly frequent protests are clearly audible: “running current pinga”. There were also calls for “Freedom!”

in Another video on the same social networkAlburn Noah explained that very soon after throwing themselves in the street they were able to restore electrical service.

The woman said so The protest dispersed after the arrival of the special brigades He spoke of “infiltrators,” referring to state security agents on their motorcycles, who are known among activists and other members of independent civil society.

Aharon Similar events occurred in Sagua la Grandespecifically in the Lili . team. As in the previous scenarios, The rattling of pots and expressions of indignation were heard. In this case, the Facebook group Sagua La Grande Noticias reported that those who came out to protest had been out of power since Thursday noon.

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Journalist Mario J. benton Share a video Sent to him from Tapaste, Mayabeque, where Fire in the office of the Electricity Union. It could have been caused by the popular unrest over power outages. The flames only reach the window.

On Thursday, the Cuban Electricity Union (UNE) announced day and night power outages. in Post on your Facebook profile The entity estimated the maximum impact at 680 MW during the day and 588 MW for the peak during the night.

In the same note, he stated that “there is a Out of service due to malfunctions Units six, seven and eight are from the CTE Mariel thermoelectric plant, Unit 4 is from CTE Cienfuegos, Units four and five are from CTE Nuevitas, Unit Two is from CTE Felton and Units Three and Six are from CTE Rente.”

Also, UNE said the sixth unit of the CTE Nuevitas is undergoing maintenance. At Energas Varadero, the 20 MW steam turbine is out of service and restrictions on thermal generation (320 MW) remain.

For Zulani Cruz-Arocha, commentator on the UNE post, “This is unbearable. No one in this country is mentally healthy.”.

“My nerves can’t take it anymore. I swear to God, tears roll down my eyes every time the power goes out. I have two children and I have to decide which one to give air to in the bank. I passed the night and early morning without sleeping because my arms ached and when I thought I would be able to rest tonight from the tragedy of heat and mosquitos they take it again tonight with no appointment set.

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Felipe Vivar Peña said: “Every day the disability is worse, someone helps us. We no longer resist, and we do not want to resistThis is the right of the people. Do not give too many explanations, give solutions! “Give up, that was too big for you,” Jenny Pelayes asked.

Wednesday, Cuban dad Share a video on his social networks His young children were seen sleeping on his balcony during a power outage.

“New episode. Sleeping in the gates,” a user known as Colberto Marques, a resident of Caimito, Artemisa, said on his Facebook page.

“Look at this, look at the mosquitoes there in the mouth. 11 At night, look at a bloodied mosquito. This is the biggest abuse in the world. What do children need from this?” Marquez asked.

As the Cubans try to resist the interruption of service for more than ten hours, an epidemic of dengue fever spreads which has already caused many deaths, especially children. The island’s parents are helpless during nights without electricity, which prevents them from keeping the mosquitoes that transmit the disease away.

The Minister of Energy and Mines, Levan Arront, acknowledged this, despite the promise Miguel Diaz-Canel that compensation in thermoelectric Cubans will be allowed treatment Blackouts In the hot Cuban summer, these things will continue for an indefinite period.