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Protect your iPhone from potential theft with these settings

When we are in very crowded places, whether in parks or shopping malls, it is possible that there will be people devoting themselves to looking for moments of spite to try to steal your iPhone. However, it may be that in a moment of confusion we forget the iPhone in the library or in the cafeteria. In this post, we will see that You can do this if your iPhone is lost or stolen.

Original Apple solutions

Apple has original options to be able Find both the iPhone and the information inside the device. is an option “Find my iPhone”. In this way, we will be able to track the iPhone at all times.

Besides this, we have another option like iCloud.com/findAnd the What will allow you Find your iPhone From any hotspot, type in your Apple ID and password data, either from a laptop or a friend’s phone. Then, you will be able to locate your iPhone to know where it is. Also, from iCloud, there is a more radical option like destroy all information in your iPhone, Which will leave the phone without its private information, but you will never be able to access it in the event of a device recovery. Of course, no one will be able to access your information.

solutions from settings

There are some solutions that it is always good to activate or deactivate to prevent the person from accessing our iPhone in case of theft. First of all, since then Control Center, You have to download the option for Siri to respond if the iPhone is locked.

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Within the screen lock options, it is interesting to activate the option to return missed calls, because if someone calls this iPhone, only the person who finds it will be able to Return calls to those numbers that made the call. Therefore, the iPhone will not have operational functions. In addition, an aggressive solution is the possibility that in case the user wants to access the iPhone With Face ID or Touch ID, There is an option if on the 10th wrong attempt to unlock it will be Erase all data on iPhone.

Considerations about bank accounts and personal information.

In the event of loss or theft, the most important thing apart from the product is the information we store in it. Therefore, it is important that you store in iCloud, file Register for all problems It can happen if your iPhone is stolen. Thanks to this, you have proof of each the changes What do you have to do in the applications? Banks, Gmail, cloud storage, or whatever app you have with co-workers.In this way, the information will be protected, and they will not be able to recover any information from you.

Apple iPhone 13

Regarding info downloaded photos, videos, and documents, If your iPhone syncs with iCloud, you can transfer all information to other storage clouds such as iDrive or DropBox.

When such embarrassing situations occur, although they are very difficult, you must remain calm and recover most of the information that you have stored on the device, in case you cannot get it back.

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