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Autoridades penitenciarias intervienen recinto de Anamuya

Prison authorities intervene in the Anamoya complex

The Directorate General of Prisons and Corrections (DGSPC) has begun restructuring the facility’s administrative and security orders Anamuya, in Higueyafter last Monday there was Riots in which a prisoner was killed A group of inmates kidnapped a security guard for several hours.

Roberto Hernandez Basilio, President of the Foundation, said that the site was immediately intervened to discover the points of conflict and to make the necessary changes to improve housing conditions and services.

Temporary address of the place CCR14 is responsible for the Deputy Director of Therapy at DGSPC, Noel Toribio.

We have started a comprehensive intervention in place to restore normalcy. Hernandez Basilio said that the first thing was to change the administrative structure, including security personnel, without interfering with the investigations launched by the Public Prosecution Office into the events of last Monday.

“Now we are focusing on Legal aid, health activities and treatment in prisons that contribute to reducing anxiety levels in the population.”
The authorities added a hundred new mattresses to the enclosure as some of the deprived of their liberty were burned during the riots.

In terms of health, building fumigation and assessments have begun to identify those cases that require immediate attention.

Last Monday, after a search during which security personnel seized two cell phones and took their owners to the residence to think, a A group of prisoners surrounded VTP clients They attacked with white weapons.

A group of prisoners detained VTP agent Carlos Mercedes Méndez, beat him and took him to a secluded place, while others destroyed locks, cameras, televisions, washbasins, toilets and burned mattresses, which is why firefighters and patriotism intervened. police.

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As a result of the explosions of guns, four Injured prisoners.

Two of the injured were taken to hospital, including Victor Manuel Martí Castillo.who died of his injuries.

Other prisoners with minor injuries were treated at the same centre.