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Imponen prisión preventiva a empleado de la JCE acusado de robar equipos informáticos

Preventive detention imposed on JCE employee for computer theft

The Judicial Bureau of Permanent Attention Services in the National District imposed three months of protective custody on a man who used his status as an employee of the Central Electoral Council to steal equipment from that institution.

Judge Juan Francisco Rodríguez Consoro issued a coercive action to Aneudy Alexander Ferrand Abreu, who must comply at Nagayo Hombres Correction and Rehabilitation Center, in San Cristóbal.

Lawyer’s office before JCE, The District Prosecutor’s Office and the Department of Crime and Property Crimes requested preventive detention.

The request instance specifies that on May 22nd, The accused went to an electronics store in Villa Mella, municipality of Santo Domingo Norte, where he sold 22 small CPUs to the owner of the enterprise, or computer processors, Hp Pro Desk 400 G4 brand, with serial numbers and codes of the entity responsible for electoral processes and civil registration.

The Justice Department noted that on July 15, in the early morning hours, Ferran Abreu entered another headquarters of the Electoral College, located in Las Colinas, Herrera Sector, Municipality of Santo Domingo Oeste, where high-cost equipment is stored.

He explained that as soon as he arrived at the place, he assured the security guard that he would meet there with other employees who were going to Jimani to provide technical support, and after a few minutes, he left the place with a backpack containing many small CPUs, among other things. devices, which he inserted into his car, a fact captured by the surveillance cameras.

“On July 19, 2021, Defendant Anodi Alexandre Ferran Abreu contacted the Deputy Investigations before the Central Electoral Council alleging delivery of equipment he had stolen, and he was detained under an arrest warrant issued against him,” Refers to the criminal prosecution apparatus.

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At the time of his arrest, the defendant was driving a car with 22 small CPUs, along with their chargers.

While requesting the coercion procedure, the Public Prosecution Office represented the Trial Prosecutor, Esther Gonzalez Bigero, the Public Prosecutor’s Representative before the Central Electoral Council, who supported the request for preventive detention in various testimonies, documents and physical evidence, such as as well as in photographs.

The Public Prosecution Office attributes to these facts the legal classification of the violation to Articles 265, 266, 379 and 386-3 of the Penal Code, as well as Article 3, verbatim A and B, of Law 155-17, against asset laundering and financing. from terrorisms.