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President Lenin Moreno reported to the international community and revealed that there was a moment in which he contemplated resigning  Politics  News

President Lenin Moreno reported to the international community and revealed that there was a moment in which he contemplated resigning Politics News

The president blamed the Venezuelan government of Nicolás Maduro for the social conflict that Colombia is currently experiencing.

Outgoing President Lenin Moreno used his participation in the Forum for the Defense of Democracy, organized by the Inter-American Institute for Democracy, to present an account of four years of his rule to the international community, and revealed that he was thinking about it. Resigning because of the bad the country was in at the beginning of his term.

After the intervention of the Secretary-General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, who congratulated the work of the President of Ecuador, Moreno began his speech by asking “Who is the real Raphael Correa,” who is one day giving speeches. Against the media and another congratulates and acknowledges the electoral defeat, it appears that he will be afflicted with “Stockholm Syndrome”.

President Lenin Moreno is traveling with an official delegation of six to the United States to participate in the forum

Later, Moreno reviewed what the government considers achievements in the social, economic, political, institutional and other fields during the four years.

Referring to the ten-year period of his predecessor, Moreno insisted on restoring freedom of expression and recalled the trial brought by former President Correa against Diario El Universo; He said that he accepted his candidacy for the presidency on the condition that the former president does not, under any circumstances, interfere with the mandate, and explained how bad conditions are in the country that he is considering resigning. “In this government, freedom of expression extends far beyond what is even tolerance,” he said.

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The president said the economic, political and social ambush and all kinds of ambush had begun. He admitted that while he was vice president, he did not pay due attention, and upon his arrival as president he faced a “desperate” situation, and there was no table, but an empty table, “and the table was not there, they had stolen everything.” Plentiful debt, even with thousands of suppliers.

Politically, he indicated that he called for a popular consultation which he won by canceling his indefinite re-election and re-establishing the state, explaining that it never interfered in any decision of the control and justice bodies, and these are democratic institutions. .

President Lenin Moreno will travel to the United States to speak at the “Forum for the Defense of Democracy”

He also noted the incursion of drug smuggling into the country and insisted that when he came to power, he found that there was a territorial scope of permitting illegal activities, which, when banned, had led to attacks by irregular groups at the border. It is a fact that, in the past, adds to the departure of the Manta base from the country, which supported effective control of drug trafficking and the failure to provide modern weapons and equipment to the armed forces.

He also mentioned the departure of the Australian Julian Assange from the Embassy of Ecuador in London.

Moreno also talked about the difficulties he faced in fighting corruption in past periods. “It’s a very difficult issue to solve in our country, at some point someone told me in advance, I wish we had a better president. I told him: I wish I had a better town too.”

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Regarding the president-elect, Guillermo Laso, Moreno indicated that he beat him in 2017 by a narrow margin and that he “has the advantage of persistence, congratulations yes”.

A Venezuelan intervention in the Colombian protests

Regarding the social and political situation in Colombia, Moreno asserted that there was interference by the government of Venezuela led by Nicolás Maduro. “We must demand an end to the violence in Colombia and for Maduro to remove his violent hands from the beloved Colombian nation,” he said.

Finally, Moreno said the main lesson is that twenty-first-century socialism can be defeated and that “with dictatorships you don’t have to talk, you have to overthrow them.”

The ceremony was attended by Almagro and former Presidents and Presidents of the Americas. (I)