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Presidente Abinader crea comisión técnica para la educación en la Policía Nacional

President Abenader establishes a technical committee for education in the National Police

Santo Domingo, d.

President Louis Abenader issued decrees 371-22 and 372-22 by which a technical committee was established to restructure the education system of the National Police, as well as a board of directors that would transition the Police Institute of Education and a Academic Committee of the Institute of Police Education (IPE).

The committee that will restructure the educational system consists of Roberto Santana, who will coordinate the team; Miguel Escala, Mo Ken Adriana Sang, Eladio Uribe, Radhames Garcia Gonzalez, Osvaldo Santana and Gregorio Monteiro.

This committee aims to “enhance the proper functioning of the For the transformation of the National Police in educational matters, as well as ensuring compliance with the action plan sent and approved by the Executive for the implementation of educational reform in the International Institute of Education.

The Transition Board of the Police Institute of Education (IPE) will take over the tasks until the new organizational structure of this institute is defined. This board is made up of Mu-kien Adriana Sang, Elena Villeya, Melba Barnet, Carlos Manuel Estrella, Osvaldo Santana, Radhamés García González and As well as a representative of the Ministry of the Interior and the policeand the IPE and the Higher Institute of Defense (Insude).

The function of this committee is to ensure that educational strategies are developed within the system institution.

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