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Cae en retraso juicio  preliminar Antipulpo

Preliminary anti-octopus trial delayed

Santo Domingo, d.

Judge prevented Debbie Timothy Biggero, From the 7th District Court of National Inquiry delays knowledge of the preliminary trial against Alexis Medina Sanchez and others involved in the network dismantled in the anti-octopus operation.

The file will be sent with the judge barred to the Coordination Office of the Courts of Inquiry in this jurisdiction, Kenya Romero, who must decide whether to ratify Peguero or, conversely, appoint another judge to hear the case.

The judge made a decision to withhold knowledge of the process, claiming that I learned that the process followed one of those involved in the Antipulpo case.

Wait decide to discourage

For his part, the Head of the Specialized Anti-Administrative Corruption Prosecution (BIPCA), Wilson Camacho, said he hoped that a decision would be taken to ban Judge Bigero as soon as possible.

Argue it soon It was decided to forbid the judge, The Ministry of Public Affairs is ready to provide The indictment in the case of anti-octopus operation.

“We hope that this process has already been directed and assumes a rhythm that allows us to leave the initial hearing,” Camacho said.

Automatic to unlock the trial version

In addition, the judge issued an order to open a trial against him Maria Isabel Torres Castellanosis also involved in the Antipulpo case, who was separated from the other defendants in the corruption network.

The judge, knowing about the preliminary trial, ordered that this citizenship respond in the substantive trial to the facts attributed to it.

At the hearing, prosecutors Bibka, They asked the court to send the accused to trial on the basis of the subject matter, While the accused’s attorney, Francisco Manzano, refused the request to open the trial, and therefore an order was given that there was no room in his favour.

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Torres Castellanos, indicted by prosecutors, is linked to Editorama SRL, one of the companies the network allegedly used to steal money illegally.

Imprisonment and periodic parade

On the other hand, the judge ruled Pre-trial detention and periodic review Against the married couple Carlos Martín Monte de Oca and Paula Mercedes Molina Suazo, who were released in the Antipulpo case.

Judge Monte de Oka ordered that protective custody be served in Ngayo prison, while Molina Suazo, after giving birth, is periodically presented and banned from leaving the country.

At the hearing, the public prosecutor asked the court to issue preventive detention against Monte de Oca and house arrest against Molina Suazo, who worked with the campaign team of former Democratic Liberation Party presidential candidate Gonzalo Castillo.

the couple

Doris Garcia, who is in charge of the defense of Molina Suazo, asked the court along with the defense of Monte de Oca, to reject the request for preventive detention and house arrest, due to the periodic submission, payment of an economic guarantee, and the existence of an impediment to exit. At the first session in which the judge announced the spouses in absentia, two hours after the decision, the decision was lifted, after which they appeared before the court with a promise to attend the next session.