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Pope prays for an end to the pandemic and a “horizon of hope”

Pope prays for an end to the pandemic and a “horizon of hope”

Pope Francis held a special prayer Saturday at St. Peter’s Basilica, invoking the end of the pandemic and the return of what he called “the horizon of hope,” including a situation in which scientists can determine how to beat the virus.

Francisco led a rosary mass attended by about 200 believers, including many children, who were seated in observance of the rules of social distancing due to the Coronavirus.

Speaking softly, Francisco lamented that the pandemic had left so many people “anxious, bewildered, and crying for their loved ones who have died, and at times are buried in a way that hurts the soul.”

Francis prayed for “the end of this difficult test and the return of the horizon of hope and peace.” The Pope also prayed for health workers in the manner of fighting disease and also for “men and women of science, so that they find appropriate solutions to overcome this virus.”

In his statements, he also referred to “all the women who have suffered violence inside the walls of their homes” during the period of forced confinement due to the epidemic.

In his prayers, the Pope appealed to national leaders to use their wisdom and generosity to plan social and economic solutions “with insight and a spirit of solidarity.” He called for the use of military funds in research “to prevent similar disasters in the future.”

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