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Ponce University of Health Sciences denies the dismissed president of the Medical Sciences Campus

Ponce University of Health Sciences denies the dismissed president of the Medical Sciences Campus

The University of Health Sciences Ponce (PHSU) on Tuesday denied the recently dismissed Dean of Campus of Medical Sciences (RCM) From the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), Elka Rios Reyeswho argued that the said premises would be sold to the private foundation once the accreditation of the public institution was put under scrutiny.

“We do not know what Dr. Rios was based on to make such expressions. PHSU is not taking any action to obtain said campus,” expression University President Jose A. Torres Ruiz In written statements for The new day.

Ríos Reyes, who submitted his resignation last Thursday after the head of the UPR, Louis A. ferau She was asked before accusations by two medical school deans denouncing that she “obstructed” an academic evaluation of a student in favor of her stay on campus, and made her expression this morning in an interview with Radio Isla.

“In a few hours or days, the facility will be put under surveillance. When they put us under surveillance, they will sell the campus to the Ponce School of Medicine.”Rios warns. “I hope to be returned as soon as possible to avoid surveillance… This is unacceptable,” she said. Ponce School of Medicine is part of PHSU.

Earlier, Ferrão refused to return Ríos Reyes to his post. “I am appointing deans, with the clear support of the board of directors. I am constantly talking to the chairman of the board. They will not be taken back. At least for me not.”

Both Firao and Al-Hakim Peter Pierluisi They refused to sell RCM. “I respect the university’s autonomy, but I don’t think anyone has thought to talk about it”Pierluisi said.

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For his part, Firau rated the possibility of selling RCM as “completely wrong”. “I don’t know on what basis this idea is based. It’s totally fake“, pointed out.

In the same direction, the newly appointed interim university president of the RCM, William Mendez Latladi, ruling out any intent to sell and privatize RCM. “This is completely wrong,” he said in an interview. new day.

Mendez Latlade also emphasized that the number one priority right now is to maintain accreditation Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) to the can.

“This is the first time in my life that I’ve heard that there is an agenda to sell RCM to the Ponce School of Medicine”He expressed.

The doctor asserted, on the contrary, that part of the conversation he had with Ferrau at the time of his appointment as interim president revolved around the need of the said academic and medical institution to expand its services, rather than the public having to receive them in the private sector. “The opposite of privatization is that we, as a university, provide the service,” he said.

Rios Reyes also claimed in the interview that someone from MSCHE – one of the most recognized accrediting entities in the United States – had leaked to him that the RCM would be placed under surveillance.

The Central States are scheduled to visit the place on September 23. Prior to the visit, the RCM has until September 1 to submit a detailed report on the corrections to the data released by the entity in March of this year, regarding the financial position of the site.

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“Changing leadership does not mean watching”, Mendez argued Latlade, stressing that his priority is compliance with the requirements of the authorized entity. “In our forecast, before September 1 we will have everything that is needed in this report.”

The middle states decided on March 10 that the medical sciences did not provide sufficient evidence that they complied with Standard VI for Planning, Resource and Institutional Improvement, as well as with Affiliation Requirements 11. The latter requires academic institutions to document their financial resources, explain their source of funding and plans to develop public finances. In addition, the organization must demonstrate responsible financial management, must have a budget for the current fiscal year, and must complete external financial audits annually.

“They were specific in that they come to assess the two criteria that have to do with the financial situation of the campus. They demand two things that are very important, one, that there be sustainability, and that the institution has sufficient funds to operate normally,” the interim rector stated. The other thing is that our strategic plan is in line with the economic reality of the institution.

“We have an opportunity to show them that we have corrected the remarks made in this warning,” Mendez Latlade added.

Rios’ administration as university president has drawn accusations since taking office. In January of this year, during his first weeks in office, Various sources have indicated a conflict of interest In connection with the many appointments she made to individuals in management positions who were directly involved in the process of her selection as permanent chair, which led to questioning the purity of the assessment.

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