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Pocho Guzmán loses Clásico Tapatío due to a red card against America

Chivas Not only He fell 4-2 in the National Classic against him Americabut also He lost his best man To face the upcoming duel that It will be Clasico Tapatio against Atlas.

Victor Guzmanwhich Add five goals To be the most productive player in the Sacred Flock, he could not bear his bravery and at the end of the duel against the Eagles He went with everything with the refereeMarco Antonio Ortiz gets a red card.

What did Bonovic say about Guzman’s red?

For coach Veljko Paunović, Bocho’s frustration is about some marks in the National Classic.

“For Pocho, it’s a game when these things happen, I think it’s an accumulation of things that grew up in the party. On the second goal play, I think Ruben Gonzalez is missing, there is contact where he loses control. They are very typical plays, The player who accidentally stumbles upon it is the one who ends up scoring a goal. There things start to build up to that finale with the brawl Victor gets into at the end of the game.”

bucho There will be at least one duel in the freezerWaiting for the ID that Ortiz put up to find out the reason for the expulsion.

In Mexico, “it’s very easy to get cards”

So, Guzman will miss the first Clasico Tapatio matchwhich will take place in two weeks at the Jalisco stadium.

“It’s hard to control that kind of backlog and of course we’ll see, Let’s find out what happened. Cards are drawn very easily here, cards are drawn for nothing, this is football, it’s emotional, everyone gets affected, you can’t draw cards like that. We will investigate before drawing any conclusionI think you should calm down.”

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