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PNC Bank closes over 40 branches in the US: What states are affected

PNC Bank closes over 40 branches in the US: What states are affected

Sudden closure of locations is not something that only happens with various retail store brands. It is something that also happens with some financial institutions and PNC Bank is a clear example of this. The financial organization announced it It will close at least 43 branches by June 2023.

There are many states that will be affected and the truth is that the number of facilities that will be permanently deregistered will depend on the particular region. This is the case, in Virginia will close 11 locations, in Texas, seven; In New Jersey 5 and in Alabama four.

In Maryland three sites will be closed, in Florida three more, while in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Ohio. There will be two fewer sites per state. They’re not the only ones who will lose out to PNC Bank, eg In California, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan and North Carolina They will also permanently lock down a branch on each.

A spokesperson for PNC Bank told Best Life about the reasons for these closures: “PNC understands that branches continue to play an important role for many customers when it comes to making certain transactions and having important financial conversations in person with our experts. This is why we evaluate our branch network extensively. My routine, along with other methods available to us from the bank, is to determine whether we are meeting in the most effective way the needs of our customers,” he said.

“After a careful review of our business model, PNC’s strategic goals and the potential impact on our customers, the decision has been made to close 47 branches on June 23, 2023. We remain committed to achieving our goal of progressing financially and are confident that we can meet or exceed our customers’ needs in the branches,” the spokesperson added. nearby, along with other banking methods available.

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a year ago, PNC Bank has announced that it will close at least 135 locations through the entirety of 2023. Most of these properties are located inside grocery stores, including Giant Food and Stop & Shop.

Months ago, it was announced that retail stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and CVS They made the decision to permanently shut down some of their sites. A phenomenon that some media have dubbed the “retail apocalypse”.


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