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Plottier will host the county instance of the science fair

Plottier will host the county instance of the science fair

It will be held on September 29-30 at CPEM No. 55, 40 educational institutions will participate.

The Department of Government and Education and the District Council of Education (CPE) are inviting the educational community to participate in the 44th session of the Provincial Authority for Science Fair. The event will present 53 projects from 40 educational institutions of all levels and roads in the province.

Encouraged by the regional coordination of a science fair based on the field of social and cultural education, the activity will be held at CPEM No. 55 in Plottier on 29-30 September.

Ruth Floch, President of the Center for Basic Education, explained that “the pedagogical objective of the fair is to reflect the building and rebuilding of school knowledge, and to contribute to the improvement of learning from the socialization of classroom projects, in accordance with the guidelines agreed at the national level.”

Similarly, he emphasized that “this is a proposal in which girls and boys from different parts of the province meet in the same place to exchange experiences and pedagogical proposals that result from working in the classroom with teachers and accompanying families.”

For his part, coordinator of social and cultural education at the ministry, Juan Marcos Vazquez, said that “this is a program with a long history in the educational system, and it proposes to combine all areas of knowledge from the perspective of the student as the protagonist.”

The science fair consists of three phases: district, regional and national. In each one, the goal is to collect, integrate, present and evaluate school work related mainly to the natural sciences, social sciences, physical education, technological education, ethics, training in citizenship, language and mathematics, without losing sight of technical languages, proposals for comprehensive sexuality education and environmental education, as well as topics for specific areas of both education Technical and Vocational, Bilingual Intercultural Education, and Vocational Training.

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