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PLD dice auditorías de la Cámara de Cuentas "coinciden con un fuerte descenso en la aprobación del gobierno"

PLD says audits by the accounts room “coincides with a sharp decline in government approval”

The Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) “Violations carried out by various public institutions in an attempt to pursue politics in the current government administration.”.

This was announced by its Secretary General Charlie Mariotti, during a press conference on Tuesday.

The entity referred to the recent initial reports of audits and private investigations published by the Accounts Chamber, claiming that they were disclosed without exhausting due legal procedures.

The Secretary-General considered that there is no legal or constitutional basis allowing the Public Prosecution to intimidate, intimidate and submit to the Accounts Chamber to comply with its “strange requirements”.

“These actions show that the priority is not to determine whether or not there was some kind of wrongdoing, but rather to try and conduct a media trial,” Mariotti said.

The former senator also expressed that the review processes coincide with a sharp decline in levels of government approval.

In the same matter, the purple party accused the government “Try to win on covers, media and social networks what should only go before a judge”.

Likewise, he questioned the attacks and defamation of the efforts of the Democratic Liberation Party government, claiming that the “persecution” resulted from the “politicization of justice”, the sole purpose of which was to weaken the opposition party.

In the face of the wave of questions and alleged wrongdoing by members of that political entity, Mariotti reiterated that in all cases where due process is violated, the party will act resolutely and firmly in the public debate and in the judicial sphere.

“The Dominican Liberation Party will not stand idly by.”The Secretary General of the entity said.

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Political Committee members Margarita Pimentel, Andres Navarro and Jose Dantes were present at the press conference held at his national home, the latter being his legal secretary.