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Players like Cordova will always be on the radar of Tigres: Culebro

Players like Cordova will always be on the radar of Tigres: Culebro

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon /

After the rumors about the interest tigers in the signature Sebastian Cordova, President Mauricio Colibros He has agreed that he is a player that looks interesting and they are on the radar, but they haven’t made any bid for the player yet. America.

“These kind of players will always be of interest to not only tiger, but several teams. He is a player National ChoiceAnd Miguel Herrera He owned it, and ran it for a long time, and he and many others It will always be on the radarNot only tigers, but also from other teams. he is a player so interestingSo far, we don’t have any specific or specific cases. And as soon as it’s there, we’ll tell you of course,” he said.

on Carlos Salcedo, Who is the Departure request From Albiazol, the captain confirmed that they are talking to him about his future and that they want both parties to end up complacent should the defender have to leave.

‘Special issue of Salcido, they were talk to himCommunication is open and we always strive to make the decision and this is the right of the organization, as well as for the players. We respect the players, and take into account their views, your interests Communication is the most important thing.”

Pacho Mesa has terminated his contract with Tigers

Who will not continue with the entity of oriazole? Francisco MezaThe defender who suffered from a cruciate ligament rupture From right knee In July since then Recruitment is overOr last December, “Misa’s case, his contract has expired, and he also has the idea to leave.”

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