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Pique’s master plan is to get Shakira out of his mansion in Barcelona

Shakira and Gerard Pique They were one of the most famous and beloved couples in the world of entertainment Being together for over 12 years.

Because of this long relationship, Both celebrities They accumulated great wealth And together they acquired several luxurious properties.

one of these characteristics The mansion in Barcelona where Shakira is antiquities They live with their two childrenAnd Milano and Sasha.

After their separation, which still causes controversy in the world of entertainment, Shakira stayed to live in this expensive property While the former Spanish footballer has returned to occupy his bachelor apartment.

However, more than nine months after that breakup, it came out Gerard Pique was planning to direct Shakira from this palace Because she does not own this property.

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Photographers Jordi Martin revealed Pique’s alleged “master plan”.the journalist who has been following the former Barcelona player since rumors began of his infidelity with Clara Shea Marti.

Through a conversation with the program intrudersfamous photographers noted that V.I The works of this palace appear as an angel Gerrard Pique And her father and Shakira are no longer included in the legal document.

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“Two months ago, I had access to the scriptures and was surprised. The property was bought by Piqué and Shakira on behalf of a company registered in Barcelona, ​​but to this day only Piqué and his father appear in that company, and Shakira is no longer listed, so she no longer owns the house.” Jordy Martin noted.

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How is the luxurious palace shared by Shakira and Pique?

This luxury property is located in the town of Esplugues de Llobregat, one of the most luxurious hotels in Barcelona, ​​​​and It covers an area of ​​about 3,800 square metres.

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According to information from AD MagazineEh, this palace is his Three floors and two underground floors containing a cellar and garageand extends towards two small houses in which the Shakira and Gerard Pique family live.

She also owns the property of the Colombian singer and footballer FC Barcelona Several terraces, cinema room, gym, recording studio, tennis court, elevator and swimming pool with waterfall.

Shakira and Becky’s mansion is located in one of the most exclusive areas of Barcelona. (Free press photo: AD Magazine)