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Pique worried about Clara Shea Marti after Shakira's release - International Soccer - Sports

Pique worried about Clara Shea Marti after Shakira’s release – International Soccer – Sports

Information about the singer’s status is still known Shakira, footballer Gerard Pique and his new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti, They are not the best.

Barranqueira separated with the defense of Barcelonawhich was confirmed last June, is about a lot and more when there’s someone else around this thorny issue.

(See the brutal aggression between the players, which resulted in the expulsion of seven)

(Pique, “Sugar Daddy”? The fortune he spends on educating Clara Chia)

Shakira continues her career, although last Sunday she issued a statement confirming that her father, William Mubarak veryHe is 91 years old in a private hospital in Barcelona.

“works remotely”

And while that happens, Pique and Clara Shea move on with their lives, even though it’s been known for the past few hours that they’re not having a good time.

reckon from SpainShea Marty is going through a rough time. Next to Pique, last Tuesday, they had a meal with the employees of the Cosmos Corporation, where they met.

He learned that the company was not doing well, that it had lost its power and that Pique wanted to support his employees and give them a boost so they wouldn’t let them down their guard.

At this meal, he and his new girlfriend were very much in love, but journalist Jordi Martin warns that she is not feeling well, and she is having a bad time, after the release of Shakira’s latest work.

He is in a rut. He doesn’t go to work in the office, he does it from home, he works remotely and he doesn’t have a good timesaid the journalist.

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And he added:She’s broken and not in a good mood“.
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