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Pique and his new girlfriend, closer than ever, were spotted at a romantic dinner in Paris

Pique and his new girlfriend, closer than ever, were spotted at a romantic dinner in Paris

Shakira One of the most famous Colombian artists around the world, confirmed a few months ago through a press release that she was officially breaking up with Gerard Pique.who is now dating Clara Shea Marty.

“We regret to confirm that we are separated. For the welfare of our children, who are our top priority, we ask that you respect their privacy. thanks for understanding”, The selected artist at the time.

After this announcement, the Barcelona player and his new girlfriend became the main focus of entertainment media in Europe. They were also photographed on various occasions.

This Tuesday, in the same way, it was learned that the couple had recently traveled to Paris thanks to a FIFA date break and were caught eating at an exclusive restaurant in the French capital.

In the postcards, which quickly spread to various social networks, you can see a very affectionate Spanish central defender with a PR official during dinner.

However, the young woman is currently tired of the multiple paparazzi who are persecuting her everywhere since she made her relationship with Pique official. Until this week he had an unexpected reaction with a reporter from Europa Press, who asked him about Shakira.

There is talk of Pique’s betrayals. How do you deal with being the reason for the separation from Shakira and Pique? Is it true that you already know their children? You seem to be the bad guy in the movie,” the journalist told Shea Marty, Who chose to smile while his companion tries to cover the camera.

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In the face of these media harassment, the footballer met his lawyer a few days ago and decided to speak for the first time since his separation was confirmed, with the aim of preserving the privacy of his children and stopping the flow of information about his new one. Romantic relationship.

Pique emphasized that “these reports and photos” do not only cause harm to his honour, but are also a “serious assault on the rights of his children”, whose safety and protection is his greatest concern.

Monitor some media and photographers It was continuous Seeing our client forced to change his daily routine with the sole purpose of protecting his children, his family and his closest environment. I have always respected the activity of the media and their right to informationbut they crossed the limits,” he specified.

The Spaniard took advantage of the moment to make an important announcement and stressed that he will take legal action against people who continue to violate his personal life.

“In recent weeks, there have been interventions that have gone beyond the limits of legality. Therefore, our client had to request precautionary measures to remove and take legal action against those who change their family life and violate the rights of their children,” is over.

It should be remembered that some media reported that Shakira and Pique could not agree on where their two children would live, as the footballer insists that they remain in Spain.