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Pinar's stunning grand SLAM is ruled by Sancti Spíritus - SwingComplete

Pinar’s stunning grand SLAM is ruled by Sancti Spíritus – SwingComplete

By Lucas Leon

The Cuban post-season baseball team continues to operate, and since this week has become the main sporting attraction on the island. On Saturday, May 28, Pinar del Rio and Sancti Spiritus faced each other at El Capitan San Luis in Western Province. The series was tied in one game each after Los Gallos won five games to one in the first game, and Los Figueres scored 12 games to two in the last game.

The incombustible green-legged archery fencing starred: Yousfani Torres and Sancti Spiritus Ariel Zerqueira. The first half was zero for both teams, despite the complexity of Torres, he managed to score a zero, even with the rules loaded. In the second episode, the same luck was not in the 53rd position of Vegueros, and with one out and men in first and second, Rodeleisi Moreno’s shot through the penalty area which, thanks to his speed, was not a double game.

Yoandry Baguet hit a field and the bases were full again, Frederich Cepeda came for the racket, who had already tied a hit in the first half and picked up a slow ball from Torres into left field clearing the bases. The Roosters then filled the bases for the third time in the match and Yunier Mendoza fired into the right field to lead Cepeda and when Carlos Gómez wanted to score the fifth, Luis Pablo Acosta knocked him out on the home board to close out the half and avoid a crowd of seniors.

The answer came directly and after Zarkira easily removed Yasser Julio; Tony Guerra hit his first home run of the post-season, a shot that vanished all over midfield and the arrow was four runs to one. Zerquera after Homer Guerra hit the strike zone and ran away two runs, but a superb defensive action by Yunior Ibarra to catch the volleyball behind the house plate and Rolling by Jorge Yoan Rojas by Shortstop appeased San Luis and finished with the first two rings.

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The third season was relatively calm for Yosefani Torres, he dominated Moisés Ezquerres by rolling around the penalty area, and despite Alberto Rodriguez hitting a kick in the left field, Junior Ibarra fired a line up front against Luis Pablo Acosta who, in a very good defensive move other. Rodriguez doubled down on the burglary.

Vegueros has always been an actor who doesn’t allow himself to be defeated easily and from a buggy bat for a few seasons, Juan Carlos Arencipia put a man on the start after hitting the left field untouchable. Roidel Martínez had the next rose and after Arencibia cheated on the second, he hit a line between right and center to bring the stopping point to the rubber and reached third base with a hat-trick.

At this moment, Ariel Sanchez, director of the Roosters, decided to remove Ariel Zerquera from the hill and put his main message of relief; Yankel Morris, who started off well by writing off Reinier Leon, but couldn’t with Yasir Julio Gonzalez and take a linear lead to the right court, which put Martinez on the record and Pienaar stuck with just one run. And although the group of Evelio García and Luis Giraldo Casanova (the first-pitch champions of the game) threatened Gonzalez to steal a base and walk Tony Guaira, Rowling from Lazaro and Emilio Blanco and Luis Acosta’s streak to the third baseman’s gauntlet. Tobacco return.

The fourth act appeared without too many complications for Torres, and although Morris was once again complicated by the hands of Arincibia and Martinez, Reinier Leon flew to the right of the short third of the half after Jorge Yuan Rojas and Pedro Luis Doñas dominated. . In the fifth episode, Yosefani Torres climbed again for the thousandth time in his career and was the first, second and third entry for his first time in a match. Morris also settled into the match and without a major shock scored another zero in the penalty area from Pinar del Rio to close the fifth chapter.

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At the start of the sixth inning, Moisés Ezquerres was full and then the eighth bat Alberto Rodríguez hit a line into the hole in the right field that allowed the fifth entry for those in blue and orange. With this contact came the end of Torres Yosefani and Izebel “The Mosquito” Hernandez took command of the hill, who greeted the Roosters with a punch to Ibarra and Moreno retired the floorball to the short stop gauntlet, completing the entrance with a beating. The ball flies from Baggett to Felder’s center glove.

San Luis were packed and they knew that despite the short lead, starting with a home win was vital for Pinar del Rio. Battery knew it too and Pedro Luis Dueñas started a very productive role with a ground ball across the middle of the field. Rojas continued to do a good offensive job and with an unstoppable shot to the left, put the guys in first and second positions. Arencibia came with a goal to touch the ball and although he was unsuccessful, he made his goal through the runners’ lead with a shot by the first baseman. Morris didn’t want any complications with Rudel Martinez and gave him the first pillow for an intentional base.

With full rules came Reinier Lyon, who had not been able to communicate in the previous two shifts, but this time he cleaned himself up and in whatever way, celebrated the Grand Slams with a left-hand court he celebrated with some aggressiveness and the score was now in Figueros’ favour. This would be the end of the right shooter and Yoanni Hernández would continue to occupy the hill and put out the Pinar del Río fire, even though the damage had already been done. The beginning of luck was not the same for either team and the only blow was a weakness by Acosta, who had no consequences for the forces from the center of the country.

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In eighth place, the excellent work of right-hand worker Hernandez de Pinar del Rio continued and scored two goals, including Moises’ strike. After that, the match was interrupted by rain and was scheduled to end at 10 am on Sunday, leaving only four defenders to win the Greens, and it seems that the fate of the Roosters has been doomed in this confrontation.

However, the match stop could benefit Sancti Spiritos because the momentum of Pinar del Rio and the stadium was too much for Ariel Sanchez’s forces to handle.