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Physical and metaphorical foot pain or impersonal medicine

My foot hurts, over a year ago. From primary care they sent me to the Department of Traumatology, which gives me an appointment in March 2021. At the consultation, without asking me anything, and looking at my history or their ancestors, they sent me to take three x-rays of my feet which, as I already know, indicate that no There is an anomaly. After treating the specialist, “as a service”, request a review by another trauma specialist from the hip department. In November, the specialist of this department, after seeing an x-ray and conducting an examination, ordered a scanner to see me again with the result. Particularly worth mentioning is what happened in the radiology service at Obermine Clinic, where it was over an hour late and several patients waited, staff told me because one of the machines had broken, and it took 20 minutes for the x-rays to be an old and outdated machine. In total, it lost almost 4 hours of work.In February, what surprised me was that after a few questions, he told me that another rheumatologist should see me, from the spine department. I’m obviously pretty pissed off, he’s only able to tell me his specialty is hip and not Rachis. How long will it take to make an appointment for the third specialist? Can someone look at my history and background, scan and send me to the appropriate department?I keep aching in my feet, traveling from one consultation to the next. Obviously, the Osasunbidea and Traumatology Service, the numbers came out, three consultations, several x-rays and a scanner within a year, but I’m still in pain. I put myself in the shoes of old people and think if we deserve to be treated that way.

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