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Physical activity and happiness - health and wellness

Physical activity and happiness – health and wellness

Physical activity produces beneficial physiological effects for stress management. This practice (always best outdoors and in good company) encourages the production of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, the happiness hormones. By physical education teacher Matias Gonzalez

. Exclusive to AIM.

The World Health Organization defines physical activity as “all movements that are part of daily life, including work, leisure, exercise and sporting activities.”

Fitness is the first condition for happiness. Numerous scientific studies on the topic confirm that people who are physically active and aware of their breathing (or meditate), unlike those who do not, are happier, have a better personality and are more determined.

After doing physical activity, it is normal to feel happy, calm and relieve stress; This is because when you exercise, a series of hormones and neurotransmitters are released that help us feel healthier every day.

Thus, sport is an essential pillar of happiness, and it is a well-established idea. There are many studies that show that exercising regularly makes people feel happier, which is key to meeting small daily challenges with more tools.

That sports and physical activity are full of vitality is more than obvious, due to the endorphins that are produced through a chemical process during physical activity and have a direct effect on the mind and body. It is released when you exercise and makes you feel happier, with less pain, with better health, more beautiful skin and better well-being. Not to mention self-confidence.

If music and laughter are added to the physical activity, a relaxing environment is created that makes the stress of training lighter or more bearable.
If you need another reason besides losing weight, keeping in shape and improving your health, regular training will make you a happier person. And since everyone wants happiness, then… Come on!

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Professor of Physical Education at the Icarus Center for Health and Longevity.